What a nice way to enjoy a quiet and seemingly gloomy (due to the weather) afternoon – A cup of beautiful English rose tea (present from my dear friend in Malaysia) and self-baked muffins! 🙂

This was my first attempt on muffins and being one who loves bananas, banana muffins became my obvious choice today.  And thanks to website for the recipe.

I had chosen the banana with white chocolate muffin recipe with slight modifications made – instead of white chocolate chips/chunks, I used cinnamon powder, and I did away with the vanilla extract.  They still turned out good – DS had three in one go and I like the fact that they are not too sweet (perhaps due to the reason that I did not use chocolate chips?).

The wet ingredients – mashed bananas, melted unsalted butter and lightly beaten eggs

Well mixed dry ingredients in a big bowl (for ease of mixing with wet ingredient) – plain flour, granulated sugar, fine brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon powder.

All ready to go into the pre-heated oven but I could only do one tray at a time because of the size of my oven

It is always a thrill to watch the progress of baking 🙂

And finally, the satisfaction when all turned out beautifully!

Surely there is no way we are going to finish all the 12 muffins in a day.  So, more muffins the next two days! 😀


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