It is this time of the year again – Christmas – time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

In about 8 hours’ time, DS and I will be heading up north for a cold but not white Christmas in Xiamen, China.  This is one very rare time that we decided on a trip within a day, and going to depart within 3 days’ after booking our flights.

Earth Tower aka Ke Jia Tu Lou @ Yong Ding that we plan to visit during our trip.

Our Christmas dinner this year was an early and simple one at home – roast chicken with green salad, assortment of sushi and a bottle of red wine!  We hardly had turkey for Christmas as it is way too big for the two of us, and I don’t really fancy that. This year, I did not put up my 5-ft Christmas tree, neither did we get a log cake.

One of our most memorable Christmases was the one spent in Japan in 2009 – a delicious traditional Japanese meal on the eve, and a fun-filled day at the Universal Studio Japan.  Hopefully Christmas in Xiamen will be yet another special one too. 🙂

For all readers of this blog, here’s wishing you a joyous Christmas and an abundantly blessed 2012.

For Unto Us A Child is Born in Handel’s Messiah, my favourite oratorio in Christmas season.

Christmas Decoration @ Changi Airport

Tangs @ Orchard Road

Big-small eye Santa @ Harbourfront Centre

Orchard Road

This giant Christmas tree with a mini viewing platform is a hit this year.  Many queue to go up!

Thanks too, to my friends who regularly visit this blog.  This shall be my last entry for year 2011, and it is also my 172nd entry since July 2007. 

See you next year!


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