Thought I will start my first entry for year 2012 with a video clip of a nice exhibition which DS and I went to in December 2011.

A Moving Masterpiece- The Song Dynasty Living Art a.k.a Qing Ming Shang He Tu @ Singapore 清明上河图

This was one exhibition which DS and I missed during the Shanghai World Expo in 2010.  It was the highlight of the China Pavilion which had drawn unending huge crowds throughout the event.  I was deeply disappointed that we could not get in despite spending three full days at the Expo.  It is certainly great that we could finally see it here in Singapore!  After the Expo, this exhibition was also held in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan before coming to Singapore.

Talking about video clips creation…

The above is my number 65th video posted on Youtube since September 2007, and that works out to be an average of 15 clips per year. The total views so far has exceeded 300,000.  Not bad, isn’t it?  Considering the fact that I am not an active blogger or user of Youtube.

Interestingly and surprisingly, my video on “Peeling Dragon Fruit” which was posted in June 2008, has become my most popular video with more than 54,000 hits, and more than 200 comments to-date.

Perhaps there are lots of dragon fruit lovers out there!  I like dragon fruits but my favourite fruit is still bananas!  Recently I have fallen in love with passion fruits! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and have a lovely 2012!


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