Yesterday was a slightly busy but satisfying day in the kitchen, and a day when my Sharp Healsio water oven was well made use of.  It was also a day that I could finally feel a little relaxed after working for 5 consecutive days, and feeling much better from my flu.

I baked blueberry muffins in the morning and steamed Chinese radish cake (a.k.a. Cai Tao Kueh in Hokkien) in the evening.

Fresh blueberries and plain yoghurt

Mixtures of wet ingredients – plain yoghurt, egg, canola oil (again, I omitted pure vanilla extract)

Blueberries tossed with a spoonful of mixed dry ingredients before being added to the batter

All ready to be baked!

Do they look good?  Thanks to the recipe from Joy of Baking.

I would say this was yet another successful attempt although DS still prefers banana muffins over these.  A friend of mine who was “lucky” to be my guinea pig 😀 said she liked that they were not too sweet.

I bought a radish from Old Airport Road wet market over the past weekend.  There was no special reason why I bought it from there since there is a mini market very near where I live.  It just happened that DS and I wanted to go to the Old Airport Road hawker centre for breakfast, so we took the opportunity to check out the wet market located nearby.  A friend of ours goes to that hawker centre every week, and he had recommended us some nice food there. 🙂

Making of radish cake is pretty simple, in terms of ingredients and preparation.

Transparent-looking grated radish, after steaming.  Leave aside to cool before mixing with rice flour solution.

Mixture of flour solution and steamed grated radish, before putting into the oven for steaming.

And here’s my satisfying dinner tonight – healthy home-fried radish cake! 🙂

Ingredients used to fry the radish cake – steamed radish cake, prawns and squids, chai poh (dried pickled radish), chopped garlic, spring onions and chives.

Thanks to the recipe from Rasa Malaysia.

In between blueberry muffins and radish cake, I also completed the cleaning for two precious sea cucumbers from Xiamen.  I started to hydrate them since 10 days ago.  These sea cucumbers came all the way from Xiamen but I didn’t buy them during my recent holiday.  They are from my mum.

Preparing dried sea cucumbers for cooking

Time to think of how to cook them to make it a special dish this Chinese New Year! 🙂

Cooking and baking can really be fun and enjoyable, when one has an interest and the luxury of time for it.  And of course, to have people to share the fruits of your labour. 🙂


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