29 Feb – the last day of February.  Happy Leap Day and also, Happy Birthday to those who were born on this day!  On the news report today, the mother of a newly-born baby today said that she will be celebrating her son’s birthday on 28 Feb and 1 Mar in future.  Wow, what a lucky boy to have two birthday celebrations!  Wonder if anyone has chosen to get married on this day?

I had been feeling a little under the weather these first two months of 2012 because I had been sick about 3/4 of my time!  No exaggeration, but even I can’t believe that I could be this unlucky to have suffered from two rounds of bad flu, followed by gastric flu!  I just hope that I will be well and fit for the rest of this year and beyond.

Despite so, I am glad that I was able to still enjoy and achieve something in my little kitchen in between days that I was feeling better.

Sweet glutinous rice balls soup made using Shan Yao (山药汤圆).

Another way of eating the Shan Yao Tang Yuan – tossed with ground peanuts and white sesame seeds.  A small quantity of fine sugar can be added if a sweet flavour is preferred.  This is just like eating “muachi”

Pumpkin Kueh (金瓜糕) – I succeeded this time! 🙂 I had previously blogged about my failed attempt in making pumpkin kueh about four years ago.  Wow, I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to try it again!

Another successful attempt – Suan Pan Zi (算盘子).  Wondering why some are in orange colour?  Traditionally, this dish is made using yam and glutinous rice flour but since I had some left-over pumpkin, I decided to add a little bit of creativity by making some using pumpkin.  It turned out well. 🙂

Stewed sea cucumbers with dried mushrooms and dried oysters.  This was one of the dishes I cooked for reunion dinner on 22 Jan.

Chocolate muffins.  Using the recipe from Joy of Baking website, I made a slight modification by adding a small quantity of finely grated fresh orange skins to give a light refreshing tinge of orange fragrance which made the muffins special.  Good try!

And finally, Yam cake (芋头糕) which I made last Thursday. This time, it tasted a lot better than the last time I made.  Looks like my skills have improved! 😀

Fortunately I have not put on weight despite all the nice food!

What will I be trying next? Let’s see……


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