I am loving this new  gadget which DS bought for me recently, from Amazon.com.

Portable 2400 mAh Power Case for iPhone 4

It comes with a screen guard but I will not have much use of it since my iPhone 4 is already very well protected both front and back by a pair of anti-glare screen protectors. 🙂

Before inserting in my iPhone 4.

After putting on the case – a little heavier (by 70g) but still pretty sleek and, the black and white combination looks cool!

Here’s a comparison of the specs :

Without the battery case : weight = 140 gram, dimensions = 115.2m x 58.6mm x 9.3mm

With the battery case : weight = 210gm, dimensions = 127mm x 62mm x 18.4mm

As you can see, there isn’t much difference in the dimensions except for the thickness which is perfectly fine for me. In fact, the new thickness which is double of iPhone’s thickness, gives a better grip.

Unlike many external battery available in the market, what makes this battery case special is that it allows the iPhone 4/4s to use the external battery first, before using the phone battery.   This in a way helps preserve the original battery of the phone.

On a day out, I tend to use my iPhone a lot more, mainly in accessing internet and listening to mp3 while commuting on public transport.   By the way, listening to mp3 with my noise-isolating Sennheiser earphones is definitely a comfort to my ears these days when traveling on the noisy and sardine-packed MRT in Singapore!  In the past, my phone battery could go down to below 10% even before the end of the day but with this battery case, I no longer have to worry about my phone battery anymore.  It could still remain at 100% even by the end of the day!

Here are more facts :

iPhone battery : up to 8 hrs talk time, 10 hrs video playback, 40 hrs audio playback & 200 hrs standby time

Battery case : up to 7 hrs talk time, 11 hrs video playback , 46 hrs audio playback & 280 hrs standby time

The price (US$40) of this battery case is very reasonable.  In fact, it is much cheaper than Mophie Juice Pack Plus Case which is sold in Singapore.

There is only a slight difficulty when removing the phone from the case.  But I don’t see this as a problem since the product is not intended to be removed often.

I recall in the 90’s when mobile phones were still relatively new, DS wanted to get me one after he bought his.  I told him I didn’t need one.  But I was proven wrong after I began to enjoy the convenience of having a mobile phone.  Similarly, just about 2-3 years ago, I didn’t think that I would need to subscribe to data plan but today, I must say that not only I can’t live without a mobile phone, but also mobile internet or I will feel so isolated or detached from the world!   That’s how our lifestyles have been dominated by technology!  Good or bad?  Well, it all depends on individuals.


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