My new and unusual cooking attempt over the past weekend. 🙂

I will call this a meat roll since I don’t know if there is actually a name for it.  I learned this from a Taiwanese cooking programme, but I made some modifications to the recipe.  It was served with fries and Caesar salad (my all-time favourite salad!).

My meat roll was made using bacon (as an outer wrap), seasoned chicken fillet (the second layer) and vegetables in the middle. Since bacon is normally salty, the chicken meat was seasoned very lightly only with salt, pepper and oil.  Vegetables wise, I used french beans, carrot and enoki mushrooms.  Nice!

This was my first time using bacon in my cooking.  I am not a vegetarian (and I can never be one because I love seafood) but I also don’t fancy meat, especially pork. So, this is definitely a rare dish!

And I fried them, including the fries!

Thanks to Philips Airfryer – the latest addition to my range of kitchen appliances!  It is a brilliant product that enables frying of food without using oil! DS and I can now enjoy healthy fried food once in a while when we feel like having something different from my usual cooking!  I also love the fact that is it very easy to use, and my kitchen does not become oily after frying.  Basically, it’s hassle-free!

Here are what I have tried.

  It’s so nice to be able to enjoy fries and fried chicken wings without feeling guilty about it!  The fries smelt really great, and were as good as those deep-fried ones.

Oil-free prawn crackers (aka keropok in Malay language).  Just took 2 minutes to fry!

But of course, there are also limitations to what the Airfryer can do.  One good example is that it is not suitable for frying food with batter, such as tempura.

I have yet to use the Airfryer much and in fact, I don’t really expect to use it very often in my cooking, but it is certainly a great product to have when it comes to satisfying our occasional craving for fried food .  🙂


9 thoughts on “GUILT-FREE FRIED FOOD”

  1. Hi, can u pls share how u fry the prawn crackers in 2 minutes using the airfryer? which brand of keropok did u use? thanks!!

  2. Hi Wei Ling, thanks for visiting my blog.

    My method – first set the airfryer to 180 degree celsius and pre-heat for 4-5 mins. Then, put in the prawn crackers (not too many, about 4-5 pcs only each time as the prawns crackers expand significantly after frying), spread them out in frying basket and fry for two minutes. I think you will need some trial and error to get the best results. They can become burnt easily if the timing is not right.

    I used the prawn crackers by 三叔公 which I bought from Fairprice. To be honest, I didn’t find the crackers that nice. I have yet to try other brands.

    Hope the info helps. Happy frying! 🙂

  3. Hi there again, thanks for your reply! 🙂 your prawn crackers looked v good, did u apply some oil before airfrying?

  4. Thanks for posting. Was looking for been-there-done-that review on the air fryer before purchasing it for CNY.

  5. Hi, I have an air fryer too. But when I try to air fried the prawn cracker it fail. Can you tell me what’s your step in preparing and timing to do it correctly ?
    Thx in advance .

  6. Oo I have found the step from your previous post. Btw 4-5 pcs ea times is it apply for big cracker ? Cause mine is rather small one . The raw one size is like 0.20 SG dollar.

  7. Hi Raymond, thanks for visiting my blog.

    The crackers I used were bigger, probably double or triple your size. To be frank, it takes a bit of trial and error to get it right with the temperature and timing. I had failed attempts too. 🙂

    Happy cooking with your air fryer! I have not been using mine for a while now.

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