Something new for my kitchen again.

I was so excited to have bought this set of 12 flower-shaped silicone muffin cups from the Kitchen Department of Takashimaya yesterday.  It costs S$19.00.  Perhaps a little expensive but surely a good “investment” in the long-term.

Too eager to try these cups out, I made banana and chocolate chips muffins this afternoon!

Well mixed ingredients ready to go into the oven.

I like the size of these cups as all 12 can fit nicely on the baking tray that came with my Sharp Healsio oven.  In the past, I had to split my baking into two rounds because my oven was not big enough for two 6-cup muffin trays.  So, some saving in electricity! 🙂

Baking 12 muffins in one go!

Muffins are ready!

I have chosen to still put a paper muffin cup over each silicon cup although it is actually not necessary to do so. The paper muffin cups help absorb some oil, hence the silicone muffin cups are less greasy and easier to be washed after baking.  🙂

I love these muffins and thanks to!

And these silicon cup are good for jelly (or agar-agar) too although I hardly make it.


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