It’s Duanwu Festival (端午节), a.k.a Dumpling or Dragon Boat Festival this Saturday (23 Jun).

I had decided to make glutinous rice dumplings (a.k.a. bak chang in Hokkien) again for this special occasion although as a matter of fact, DS and I do not actually celebrate this occasion. We just like to eat them. 🙂

Different from what I had done last year (refer to my entry on My Bak Chang Recipe), I thought I should give myself a little new challenge this time by trying out the traditional triangular-shape wrapping which I had never done before. This is one thing that I regret not learning from my late beloved granny.

When I told DS of this intention, he asked if I needed him to show me how to wrap.  Over confident, I thought I would be able to manage it myself but I was wrong!  After trying out several times, I became disappointed with myself and had to declare defeat!  Oh dear, it is not easy to wrap at all.  I wonder if this has anything to do with me being a left-hander? Just an excuse…. 😀

Finally, DS had to come to the rescue! I was out of words seeing how good he was in wrapping the glutinous rice dumplings despite the fact that he had not done so for over 30 years!  We started late that night (around 10pm) after he returned from work, but it took him merely an hour and a half to finish wrapping 22 pieces. Bravo!

Here’s a video showing the making of glutinous rice dumplings by DS.

These dumplings look great, don’t they?  Thanks to DS!



One thought on “MY BAK CHANG RECIPE II”

  1. I saw the FB video and thumbs up to DS for his bak chang wrapping that u mentioned he had not done it for 30 over yrs prior to helping u ,muz give him triple thumbs up…Well, i guess ,some things in life once u hv master the skill…u will remember for life… 🙂

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