A pair of lovely panda plush toys!

A BIG THANK YOU to my friend for this lovely gift!   I thought I was not going to have them at all!

These are limited edition panda plush toys by Singapore Airlines to mark the arrival of Kai Kai and Jia Jia.  Oops, where is the characteristic “onion head” of Kai Kai?

And each panda plush toy came with a drawstring bag in the signature print of the uniform of Singapore Girl!

I find this panda pair very cute when I first saw them online,  so it was a case of love at first sight!  I was thinking I may consider getting them the next time I fly on Singapore Airlines but it looks these will not be available as inflight sales items.

Then, when I knew that these plush toys would be up for “adoption” on 8 September to raise funds for children with special needs under the care of the Community Chest, I was delighted.  It meant that I would have a more justifiable reason to get them. 🙂  But I was disappointed when I reaslied that  I had already signed up for a trip to Kota Tinngi and Desaru in Malaysia on that day.  I actually rang up Community Chest expressing my desire to donate S$50 for a pair but they did not accept donation by reservation.  Too bad…

Anyway, I am glad that I now have two pandas added to my small collection of plush toys which includes Hello Kitty, Garfield, Patrick (the red dog), Nemo and also the mascot of the Centennial Olympic (1996) !

Note : It is heart-warming to know that many have “adopted” these panda plush toys.  A total of S$380,000 was raised by Singapore Airlines for the Community Chest on that day! 🙂


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