Our dinner tonight – steamed yellow pomfrets with tom yam flavour.

I love fish.  The two types of fish that I normally cook are pomfrets and threadfins.  This was my first time buying yellow pomfrets.  Two for S$9 which is relatively cheap compared to threadfins and other types of pomfrets.  I only learned that they are called yellow pomfrets from the fish monger last weekend.

I normally steam fish with a small amount of salt (or soya sauce), pepper, sesame oil and Hua Diao rice wine.  Today, for a change, I steamed them with tom yam paste and freshly squeezed lime juice.  Other ingredients used are tomatoes, sliced dried mushrooms, chilli and ginger, plus small quantities of spring onions and coriander leaves as garnish.  DS and I love the sour taste from the lime which made the dish very appetising.  🙂

One fish each, and that was good enough to fill our stomach without rice or any other dishes.

We are trying to cut down our carbohydrate intake, and hopefully this will help us maintain, if not reduce our weights.  We are in a stage where we put on weight easily (oh no, sign of aging?) despite the fact that we do not normally eat three proper meals a day.  I envy those who can enjoy food without worrying about their waistlines!

Some years ago, in order to lose some weight, I adopted an approach of having proper breakfast, salad lunch and steamed fish only for dinner.  That had proven effective and I managed to shed off more than 5 kilos in less than two months.  However, to keep to such strict diet required a lot of discipline and determination.  Unfortunately, these are what I am lacking now. 😦

Let’s see if I would be successful this time!


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