It has been a while since I last posted an entry.  I have been pretty occupied (but I won’t say busy) in the last couple of months catching up with a few things and also trying to complete a “big project” before year-end.  I am very close to completing my “big project” and surely, I will be proud to share about it at a later date.

12.12.12  is the last repeating date for this century and the fact is I will not live till the next repeating date in the 22nd century!  So it deserves a little bit of celebration, doesn’t it? 🙂

I kicked off the day with a phone call to SISTIC to book two tickets for “AMeiZING World Tour Concert – Encore” by Zhang Hui Mei (aka A Mei) on 26 Jan 2013.  DS and I had missed the first AMeiZING concert which was held here in Jan 2012, so surely we don’t want to miss this upcoming one.  It took me half an hour to complete the transaction but I would say it was worth the wait.  Thanks to the very helpful and patient customer service staff at SISTIC, I have got two very good seats!  I think she was the best SISTIC customer service staff I have ever come across.  She made my day! 🙂

Photos : from SISTIC Website

DS has specially taken a day off  today although he still has two conference calls to attend to in the morning and evening.

A celebration will never be complete without a feast, agree?  So, we decided on a buffet lunch at Triple Tree @ Mandarin Orchard.   It was a double celebration for the last repeating date of this century, and also my younger sister’s birthday!

Triple Three

And the pleasant surprise today – lovely gifts from my younger sister who has just returned from a holiday in Europe yesterday.

Beautiful wood-carving Christmas tree ornaments from Berlin, wine hand cream, rock salt from Poland and …


… a limited edition Hello Kitty pen by Swarovski from Vienna!


Thanks sis, for the lovely gifts, especially the pen!

But I believe the biggest shock and surprise today is the breaking news on the resignation of Michael Palmer, the Member of Parliament for Punngol East SMC (Single Member Constituency), over his extramarital affair!  When we first came to know about this while having our lunch, DS thought it was a hoax!  What a news for this year-end!  Surely this will be an event to be remembered by many on this special date!

DS and I went shopping at Takashimaya after lunch and there was another pleasant surprise for the day – we received a free bottle of Kissing Bridge moscato with a spending of at least S$350 from the men’s department.

So, we are going to close the day with a fine glass of moscato! 🙂


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