I am feeling a great sense of joy, accomplishment and satisfaction now for one simple reason – I have completed my “big project” for year 2012 this morning! 🙂

Beauty of 4 Seasons – Autumn with a size of 76.5cm (width) by 50cm (height)

Cross-Stitch Autumn

This is one big and complicated piece that I have done since I picked up cross-stitch sewing after I finished my tertiary education.  I think it is even more complicated than the “Last Supper” which I sewed in year 1998.

I bought the materials, in the form of a kit, in a shopping mall in Xiamen (China) last December when DS and I had a week-long holiday there with a friend.  The kit came with big coloured sewing charts, cloth, threads and a pair of needles for the price of slightly under S$20!  I could never get this good price here in Singapore!  And to top it off, the sales lady even helped draw up all the grid lines (for ease of counting and sewing) and provided me with two marker pens with washable ink!  So, if you are also a cross-stitch sewer, don’t miss bringing some cross-stitch kits home when travelling in China! 🙂

Cross-stitch Autumn2

Oh, I can’t wait hanging this up next to my living room, above my piano!  It will remind me of my enjoyable holiday in Xiamen.  This is also likely to be my last piece of work.  I have already run out of space for hanging more in my home!

For now, I am going to wash, dry and iron it, then send for framing!

Happy weekend! 🙂



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