A new gadget for the new year – a new Samsung Note II.

Samsung Note II

My contract with SingTel was up for renewal, and I was tossing between the ideas of sticking to iPhone (i.e. to get an iPhone 5) or switching to an android phone which I had never used before.

I had been happy with my iPhone’s (since my very first iPhone 3G) so there was really no compelling reason to switch.  But on the other hand, this urge of trying out something new – a case of nothing venture, nothing gain – had surfaced in me too.

So what led me to the decision?

  • The large 5.5″ screen – I simply love this feature, and it is now less taxing to my eyes when I use it to surf the net and play games. 🙂
  • The 4G mobile network – definitely a plus point for surfing the net using the phone, but bear in mind that the 4G network is not fully available island-wide yet.
  • The good feedback from people around me.  My sister is always very proud of her Samsung Galaxy!

A friend said that the switch is a brave move, and I think I can agree with him for now as I am still not used to the new phone, particularly its keyboard. I am still struggling with completing a message without any typo error.  I also have to give up applications developed for iPhone and iPad, like a very good Japanese Dictionary (Imi Wa, formerly known as Kotoba) which I had been using in the past few years.

Will I switch back to iPhone someday? I must admit that there may be a likelihood, but it is still too early to say.   I just hope that I will gradually discover and appreciate more of the “beauties” of this android phone (as what friends have told me).  Hopefully there will be the day that I will shout out loud – “I love my Samsung Note II”!

For now, I am already contemplating to switching back to my iPhone 4 when I travel the next two weeks.


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