I was at the Robinsons’ Card Members Sales on 15 May.  This was only my second time attending such an event, since I am not one who would rush to sales events unless I have something to buy.  This is because I don’t want to end up an impulsive shopper, and buying unnecessarily.

Though it was the afternoon of a mid-week, I was not surprised to see the huge crowds everywhere in Robinsons @ Centre Point, in particular the Kitchen department.  Singaporeans enjoy shopping especially when there is a sales event, don’t they?

Robinsons has this catch-phrase for its sales event – The Sale Worth Waiting For.

Is it really worth waiting for?  So I did a calculation this time.

Item Original Price  S$
Van Heusen business shirt 1 129.00
Van Heusen business shirt 2 109.00
Lady dress 169.00
Jarmay Essentials Kitchen shears x 1 pair   45.00
Corelle bowl x 2   35.00
Etoile ice tea spoon x 6     8.00
Total 495.00


And what was my final bill?   S$315.76,  after all the discounts.  On top of that, I will also be getting another 5% rebate when I receive my credit card statement.  All in all, it translates to 39.4% of savings.

So I concluded that it was indeed a sale worth waiting for, if you don’t need the items urgently. Of course, I am mindful of shopping with due diligence so that I don’t end up with a big hole in my pocket, or regret over my purchases!

Happy weekend! 🙂


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