DS and I went to the Tulipmania (29 April – 20 May) at the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay yesterday morning.

This was our second visit to the Tulipmania, the first was on 30 April. I was not being “kiasu” but I always believe that a good way to appreciate a new seasonal floral display in the Flower Dome is when the display is new and the flowers at their best.   Both DS and I like tulips and if I remember correctly, this was the first time we have seen so many tulips in our lives!  I still remember DS bringing back a bouquet of fresh tulips bought at Amsterdam airport in early 1992 when he was there on a work assignment.

The following 7 photos were taken on 30 April.








We decided to visit the Tulipmania again because we were interested to have another chance to appreciate the tulips and also to have more photos taken using DS’s newly acquired Nikon D600, in bright daylight.  When he joined me on the previous visit after his work, it was all dark, and the lighting in the Flower Dome was poor although its official opening hours are up to 9pm.

Flower Dome by night. Our first time experiencing a night visit although I have already made 11 visits there since its official opening in June 2012.






When we arrived at the Gardens by the Bay at 8:45am yesterday, there was already a long queue of visitors waiting to get their entrance tickets.  Aside from being a Sunday, I believe many were also attracted to see the tulip display which is the largest ever shown in Singapore.

Below are some shots from yesterday’s visit.  We have had a good time there although I felt that the tulips were not as beautiful as the first batch seen on 30 April.

Can you see the difference between this and the first photo?  The flowers (purple ones) in the middle row are gone!




Something new – pieces of shades put up to block out some sunlight in order to protect the tulips.  These shades look like a nice piece of art!




There is one unique stalk here!





Crowd was building up by the time we completed our visit at around 11+am.


Thanks to Gardens by the Bay, and the sponsor, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for this very special and lovely tulip show!

Yesterday, I actually overheard a mum telling her young daughter (in Chinese) that she will probably not have the chance to be in Holland to see tulips.  I believe like this mother, many have appreciated this rare opportunity to see these many tulips without having to travel out of our country.  Hopefully this will not be the last time that Gardens by the Bay will organise such event! 🙂


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