It was the national “Eat With Your Family Day” yesterday.  This is an annual event organised by Centre for Fathering.

On a quick check online, I learned that this annual event has actually been running for 10 years now.  Wow, that long, ya!

I am one fortunate person that I get to eat with my family (in my case, DS and I only) almost every day, no matter how late DS gets back from work, unless (rarely) he or I have dinner arrangements with our own friends. Dining time is also a bonding time when we chat about news of the day, things at work, or even a little gossips at times. 🙂

DS has just taken up a new job in April and I was delighted that his current employer has announced an early release for all staff at 5PM yesterday in support of this event.  It was also heartening that his head of department actually rang up from another office in late afternoon to remind all staff to go home unless they really had something urgent to attend to.  His department is even running a photo contest in support of this event!  We really need to have more of such considerate and supportive organisations and bosses. 🙂  Unfortunately, my younger sister who is a civil servant, had a very long day at work yesterday and was late in joining DS and I for dinner.  Why must the school arrange the Meet the Parent day yesterday, and even up to 6pm (officially)?  It was almost 7pm by the time she could call it a day.

DS and I had decided earlier to go to Tamoya, a relatively new udon house in Liang Court that was featured on Channel News Asia earlier this year, for dinner.

Tamoya Singapore is Tamoya Japan’s first overseas outlet.  It is relatively small in terms of its floor space.


I was all excited about savouring their hand-craft udon from Japan but my excitement soon turned into disappointment when I arrived there.  I was shocked to see the mess like the photo below, and there were also noodles/food crumbs on the floor, dirt and water on the seats. This was rather unexpected of a Japanese udon house since Japanese are known for having high standards.  I am not sure if Tamoya Singapore is actually practising a “tray-return” policy where customers are expected to clear their tables and return the tray after eating but such unsightly mess certainly put me off.  The table was not cleaned up for as long as the 20-minute I was there waiting for DS and my sister. 😦


So, there and then I concluded that we should give Tamoya a miss and look for another choice in Clarke Quay.  To cut the long story short, we ended up  having a Japanese meal in Waraku @ Central Clarke Quay.

One of our favourites in Japanese restaurants – Ikura (salmon roe) sushi.  Both sushi were pretty good.


I like this Hokkai (Northern Sea) salad – raw seafood and fresh vegetables in soya sauce.


Grilled Hotate (scallops) which were nicely grilled and had a nice fragrance according to DS.


This squid looks yummy, doesn’t it?  But I find it a little expensive at S$14.50


Asari (clams) which my sister seemed to have enjoyed eating.  Not bad!


My sister chose Katsu Don (pork cutlet rice) set as her main course, but she found the pork cutlet to be too thick.  So she was not impressed with it.Waraku5

DS was totally disappointed with his choice of Oyako Don (chicken and egg rice) set which was not tasty at all.  He said I could cook better than this! Oh, I love this compliment! 😀


I chose a simple Kitsune Udon (served in a real huge bowl)  in the hope of satisfying my craving for udon but I certainly have had much better udon elsewhere  😦Waraku7

So that’s how we “celebrated” Eat With Your Family Day!  It was not all that satisfying as far as the food was concerned but it was all about eating and spending time together.  I hope many Singaporeans responded to this campaign yesterday, and will have more opportunity or make more effort to dine with their families not just on this day but also as often as possible.

Happy weekend!


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