Nothing beats a very satisfying meal to kick of the week! 🙂

Yesterday morning, my younger sister and I went to Tim Ho Wan, the renowned Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant from Hong Kong that newly opened in Singapore this April.  We decided to head down to Plaza Singapura where the restaurant is, first thing in the morning in order to beat the long queues.  When we got there at about 9:35am, there were already some 20 people queuing. Not bad actually, as it meant that we could get a table when the restaurant opened at 10am without having to wait even longer.  I don’t normally like to queue too long for food, no matter how good or famous the restaurant is.

I would say the restaurant is thoughtful.  Plenty of chairs were provided outside the restaurant for their customers waiting to get a table, and in fact, by about 945am, they started to usher customers to their assigned tables.  We were also given the order list while queuing, and serving started punctually at 10am! 🙂  To me, that speaks of a good and efficient service standard, to some extent.

So, just how much did the two of us eat?

Topping their menu are the Big 4 Heavenly Kings – steamed egg cake (马来糕), vermicelli rolls with pig’s liver (黄沙猪润肠), baked bun with BBQ pork (脆皮焗叉烧包) & pan-fried radish cake (香煎萝卜糕).  These are the four must-eats.


Love this steamed egg cake.  It is fluffy, nicely-flavoured and not too sweet.



These pan-fried radish cakes are soft, rich in radish and not oily.  The taste was just right for my taste-buds.THW4

Baked buns with BBQ pork or baked char siew bunsTHW5

Thin and crispy skin, with sweet and juicy BBQ pork.  Simply yummy!


We gave the vermicelli rolls with pig’s liver a miss as both of us do not eat pig’s liver but I am sure DS would not want to miss this, if he was there.  Instead, we ordered a plate of vegetarian black pepper vermicelli rolls (黑椒素肠粉).

My sister thought the vermicelli skin was a little too thick but I was alright with it.  The filling consists of mushroom, carrot and celery.  Certainly a healthy choice.


We also had…

Garlic, Spinach and Mushroom dumplings (金蒜香菇菠菜饺).  Very nice too.  Another healthy choice! 


Congee with lean pork, salted egg and century egg (金银蛋瘦肉粥)


Poached fresh seasonal vegetables (白灼清油菜)


Beancurd skin roll with shrimps (鲜虾腐皮卷).  The prawns were really fresh although I found the beancurd skin a little salty.  THW11

That was quite a bit of food for two, wasn’t it?  We noticed that beside the Big 4 Heavenly Kings, many people also ordered glutinuous rice dumplings (古法糯米鸡).  That looked very inviting too but too bad, we couldn’t eat anymore.  So, I shall reserve that for my next visit. 🙂

There were only two choices of dessert.  It was nice to end the meal with these jelly-like tonic Medlar and Osmanthus cakes (杞子桂花糕)


I had not been to any Michelin-starred restaurant, so I can’t comment if Tim Ho Wan really lives up to that standard.  However, the food certainly received a big thumbs-up from me. Unlike many dim sum that I have tasted elsewhere,  Tim Ho Wan’s dim sum are freshly made (现做现卖), and they just made my taste-buds happy and satisfied!  Quite often, I felt very thirsty and had to gulp in a lot of water after savouring a meal outside (even in good restaurants), either due to MSG or salt overdose.  But I was very glad that this did not happen to me yesterday.

I was also very satisfied with the service.  Their service staff were efficient and attentive enough.  And unlike some Chinese restaurants that I have been to, all the service staff that attended to me yesterday were conversant in English. 🙂

Price wise, I would say reasonable.  We spent about S$50, so about S$25 per person.

Very long queue outside the restaurant by the time we left at about 11am.



Phew, I wonder how long these people had to wait to be seated?

It was worth the effort waking up early for this meal!  I already can’t wait to go again!  It will be with DS next.


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