A variety of masks – that’s how much I am stocking up in addition to some N95 which I already have!  I know I am being “kiasu”. 😀

I ordered them online. They are for different purposes – some for bad haze days (N95), some for moisturising of nose and throat in low humidity, for example when on flight or during winter when overseas, and some for flu.


Except the N95 masks,  I have tried out the rest during my winter holiday in Hokkaido early this year, and happy with them.  Since I have not seen any of these masks being sold in Singapore, so it is worth getting them all the way from Japan, even with some shipping costs.

These N95  masks (photo below) are individually-wrapped and flattened, so they are easy to keep, and very convenient to bring out.  I wonder why suppliers here do not bring in better choices of N95 masks like this type.  In fact, they are even cheaper at about S$1.50 per piece inclusive of delivery cost!   Thanks to online shopping!


These masks will certainly be very useful when I travel again (soon), and when (unfortunately) bad haze days return again.  But I really hope that the bad haze days like those we had just experienced in June will be gone forever!


2 thoughts on “MASKS OVERLOAD!”

  1. Hi, can you pls let me know where you order the N95 mask.i wanna get these individually wrapped mask for my family as I cannot find it in the pharmacies in singapore.

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