Last Saturday afternoon, DS and I went on an unplanned “food-hopping” along East Coast Road.  Food-hopping is a word which I use to describe moving from one food stall/place to another to savour different types of food in one outing.  Many Singaporeans would know that there are actually a good variety of food available in the eastern part of Singapore, be it local, Chinese, western, Japanese, Indian, or vegetarian food etc.  DS and I spoke many times about checking out the variety of foods there but somehow never got down to do so despite living in the eastern part of Singapore for more than 10 years now.  We are only familiar with a few like Boon Tong Kee chicken rice,  Kim Choo Kueh Chang, Kim Hock Guan BBQ pork (bak gua) .

Our original intention was only to check out this coffee shop called Alibabar which I read about in the latest issue of i-Weekly magazine.  I was keen to try out the stir-fried mian xian (vermicelli) which is said to be good and a favourite of a certain local TV star.


On arriving at East Coast Road, I was immediately distracted by this award-winning 328 Katong Laksa.  Perhaps I was getting too hungry as a result of not having breakfast.  DS and I were reserving our stomachs for lunch!

Katong Laksa

I love laksa but I had never eaten this well known 328 Katong laksa before! It’s strange, isn’t it? I think it is because I never like the thick bee-hoon used in Katong Laksa.  I am not sure why laksa in Singapore are generally served with thick bee-hoon, but I only like having my laksa with a mixture of yellow noodles and thin bee-hoon.  I would normally give it a miss if I couldn’t it have in this combination.

This Katong Laksa is available in three serving sizes – small, medium and large.  We chose to share a medium-size portion which costs S$5.50.  I think it is expensive as compared to what I can get at my neighbouring block for about the same quantity (if not more), for only S$3.  I was satisfied with the taste, the coconut milk was fresh and not overly creamy, but I didn’t find it special or unique.  So I am not sure what actually makes it well-known.

Katong Laksa2

Moving on to this stall called Yong Huat @ Alibabar, we decided to also try out its Hokkien mee in addition to stir-fried mian xian.  As described in the magazine, the stall owner (Mr Feng) is indeed a very friendly guy and he even served the food himself.


Thumbs up to this stir-fried mian xian!  This is worth a try, for the mian xian lovers.

Yong Huat Mianxian

The Hokkien mee is not bad too, but we have tasted better ones elsewhere.  Nevertheless, we have decided that we will go back to try other dishes like char kway tiao and prawn noodles another time.

Yong Huat Hokkien Mee

Our dose of caffeine for the day (also at Alibabar) before hopping across the street to Awfully Chocolate for our dessert.  The total cost of one teh-si siu dai and one kopi si was just half the price of a cup of coffee across the street!  This is how I have learned to save a little money in the midst of continuous rise of cost of living! 🙂


Awfully Choco

It was drizzling that afternoon. Somehow I found it rather enjoyable sipping our drinks in the coffee shop, watching people and traffic passing by.  What a relaxing way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Our sinful but very satisfying dessert at Awfully Chocolate before heading home.  I have chosen this flourless chocolate cake with ice-cream, just to make me feel a little less guilty! 😀



I hate to think of how much calories I had actually consumed that afternoon.  “Eat First, worry later” – this was what went through my mind as I was savouring the food.  Fortunately, I was satisfied with our choices, or I would go home feeling extremely lousy.

That night, I had to settle with just a small quantity of fruits for dinner, just to make me feel less guilty.  I was glad that my weight did not go up the next morning! 😀

P/S : I weigh myself every morning.


2 thoughts on “FOOD-HOPPING”

  1. Can cio me next time you go on such food hopping trip? With 3, we can definitely get to sample more food…that is if you allow me to disturb your 二人世界。。。:-)

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