I have just added a new piece of home appliance to my (small) kitchen – Philips’ Viva Collection Salad Maker.

Salad Maker1

I happened to chance upon the demo video of this product on Philips Singapore’s website not long ago.  After watching it, I thought this surely will be a good “helper” in my kitchen especially when making salads or popiah (Chinese spring rolls).  Well, I am never good at the manual shredder and would always need the help of DS!

This Salad Maker comes with 5 pieces of changeable slicing and shredding (or I would call it grating) disks plus a French fries cutting disk.  It is pretty easy to operate too.

Salald Maker2

Thanks to my dear friend for getting it for me at a very attractive discount for I think the price of S$169 (without discount) would be a little expensive to pay for.

Trying out the Salad Maker for the first time with cucumber and carrot.

Salad Maker3

Nicely shredded, all done within seconds.  There are two shredding disks for different thickness.

Salad Maker4

And here’s  my dinner last night – my very own version of Thai-style salad, made using shredded cucumber & carrot, cellophane noodles (冬粉) prawns, squids, parsley and serai.  Sauce was made using a mixture of fresh lime juice, fish sauce, olive oil, chopped garlic and chili padi.

Salad Maker5

Cutting (slicing) of cucumber has never been this easy!  Within seconds, sliced cucumbers of 1.2mm thick were ready to be used for my sandwich dinner tonight. 🙂  The slicing disks come in 1.2mm and 2.4mm thickness.  

Salad Maker6

I know this Salad Maker will become extremely handy when I make popiah again.  Shredding of turnips, carrot etc will become so easy and fast, and without having to rely on DS’ help! 🙂

Oops, I need more storage space in my kitchen!



  1. Thankyou dear for the review ,
    How good is this appliance at chopping potatoes for french fries are like french fries could you please let me know just wish to know of it before I buy it.

  2. Do the french fries have the exact shape and form?? can you please try and let me know,please…….

  3. Hi Michele,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and hope it has offered a bit of good info, if not more.

    I have not used it on potatoes so far because I seldom eat them. 😀

    If you are not in a hurry to buy, I will try it out one of these days.


  4. I think it depends on the plates you use. The set comes a few plates for slicing and grating but I have not used them all.


  5. could you please use them and with just one potato or so and let me know the stock here will be out of stock in two days.

  6. Michele,

    I am afraid that’s not possible within such a short time as I actually do not currently have any potatoes at home.

    I would suggest you ring up Philips showroom in Toa Payoh to ask if they provide demo in their showroom, and if not, where you can see a live demo.


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