DS and I dined out quite a bit the last two weekends, from Soup Restaurant at Century Square @ Tampines, Lao Beijing @ Plaza Singapura to this newly opened Teow Chew Meng restaurant.

Teow Chew Meng is a family-style restaurant originating from Malaysia.  It has a few outlets in Malaysia, located in Penang, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya.  This one located at Tanjong Katong Road is the first franchise outlet outside Malaysia.

Teow Chew Meng

Looking at the restaurant name, one would expect it to be a Teochew restaurant, but not really. I am not sure how many on the menu are actually Teochew dishes.  So, that’s somewhat misleading.  But, does it matter, if the food is good?

With just only two of us, there was really not much we could order, even though we had already skipped our breakfast for the meal.

One of the restaurant’s signature dishes, this Kerabu Mango is appetizing and refreshing.  The mango strips are crunchy but not sour at all.  The little surprise in it – little fried silver fish which blends well with the overall ingredients and taste.  A nice choice to start off the meal.


Seafood Mee Sua Tow – vermicelli cooked into a thick, starchy consistency.  So, eating it is just like drinking a bowl of thick soup! I thought Mee Sua is more of Hokkien origin rather than Teochew, and I noticed that almost every customer ordered this dish!

Mee Sua Tow

Just like the Mee Sua Tow, this seafood food porridge also comes with very generous ingredients – one big prawn, fresh scallop, fish, cuttlefish, sea asparagus, fresh vegetables, etc. with lots of spring onions and shallots, and even minced pork!  At S$8 per bowl,  this is definitely value for money.

Seafood Porridge

This is another very popular dish – steamed baby octopus which is very soft and tender.


And finally, one Teochew dish to complete our meal.  This yam paste (or commonly known as Oh-ni) with gingko nuts is quite different from the usual yam taste which tends to be starchy (sticky) and a little oily at times.  We understood from the restaurant owner that it is made of 100% pure yam without the use of starch.  And it is not too sweet. 🙂

Yam Paste

We were very satisfied with the meal and are certain that this is one restaurant that we would go again in near future.  Though it does not offer a long extensive list of food choices on its menu, I already know what I will go for the next time I am there. 🙂


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