A few weeks ago, I told DS, “Let’s not have moon cakes this year”, simply for the reason to avoid extra calories intake in our diet.  Moon cakes are known to be very sweet (mostly) and high in calories too.

This Photo was taken from AIA’s Facebook Posting

Moon Cake Calories

I grew up in a Taoist family that’s quite traditional when it comes to Chinese festivals.  No one festival would pass without the ceremony of praying to ancestors, and a feast with my family and relatives.  Perhaps for this reason, I have grown to love some of the food specific to Chinese festivals like rice dumplings on Duanwu Festival (also known as Dumpling Festival), moon cakes on Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Mooncake Festival), and Tang Yuan (sweet glutinuous rice balls) on Chinese Winter Solstice Festival, to name a few.

Although I have not been home for any of these Chinese festivals for 20 over years now and I have also foregone the Taoist practices after I became a Christian, my liking for such festival foods remains.  In fact, DS & I have records eating 5-6 boxes of moon cakes in a few Mid-Autumn festivals in the past!  Totally sinful, isn’t it?  But, that’s history now.  We need to be moderate with (or at times, even refrain from) some the foods which I now consider unhealthy.  That’s only the right thing to do, isn’t it?  After all, we are responsible for our own body.

But, my determination has totally failed me this time.  With so much online information about moon cakes, it was just too hard to resist the “temptation”.  I know, I know.  I am being weak!

My pick this year – from Li Bai of Sheraton Towers Singapore.

White lotus paste with single yoke

Moon Cakes1

White lotus paste with olive seeds

Moon Cakes2

What do I look for in a moon cake?

1) One that is of a traditional flavour (there is too wide a variety of moon cakes in the market now)

2) The “skin” has to be thin

3) The white lotus paste has to be smooth and moist (not oily)

4) The salted egg yokes are not hard

5) Ideally, not too sweet.

These moon cakes from Li Bai seemed to fit the bill when I went tasting a large variety of moon cakes being sold at Takashimaya Square.  I actually felt that it was not easy to decide on one based on tasting just a very tiny piece offered by the sellers, but it would be embarrassing to ask for more pieces.  Anyway, I am glad with my choice, especially for the fact that this will be the one and only precious box that I am getting this year. 🙂

I am going to spend Mid-Autumn Festival up in an altitude above 3,000m, somewhere in China.

Enjoy your Mid Autumn Festival! 🙂


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