Just as I thought I should, and would eat only one box of moon cakes this year, oops, see what I have got here – two more boxes of moon cakes at home now!  These moon cakes arrived totally unexpected but thanks to Robinsons and the vendors at DS’ office (there were over 10 boxes to distribute)!

Packaging for moon cakes are getting more and more sophisticated these days and the beauty is they can be re-used for other purposes. 🙂

More Moon Cakes

Both boxes of moon cakes are of traditional white lotus paste with single egg yoke.  The red box is from Hua Ting Chinese Restaurant of  Orchard Hotel, compliment with any purchase of S$350 and above in a single receipt at Robinsons.  What a nice gesture to reward its customers and of course, I like this pleasant surprise!  🙂

The other box is from Wah Lok Restaurant of Carlton Hotel.

I like the moon cakes from Wah Lok better – good quality and comparable to those that I bought from Li Bai, if not better.  The ones from Hua Ting taste pretty good too but I find the lotus paste (with macadamia nuts) a little dry, and the skin, thick.

Hua Ting’s moon cakes.

Hua Ting Moon Cakes

 It looks like I could not change my destiny.  DS said that I was just fated to eat more moon cakes!  I like DS’ sense of humour but one thing I know, we will need to work harder in the gym to shed off the extra calories! 😀

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