Year of the Horse

I had gone into almost 5 months of “hibernation” and have not written any new entry since last September!  A few things since last September kept me rather occupied, from holidays in China & Bangkok in Sep/Oct 2013, the visit of a good old friend from Malaysia and a minor home renovation in Dec 2013, the traditional family re-union in Malaysia before mid January, to DS undergoing a minor surgery in mid January.  Thank God that DS has recovered well and fast, and we were able to proceed with our travel plan just before Chinese New Year (CNY).  Imagine my stress and worry, given my “worrywart” nature!

For the third time now, we have chosen to spend Chinese New Year holiday in a foreign land.  This time, we have picked my favourite country, Japan again.  This was our fourth holiday in Japan, and my ninth trip there (including past business trips), but still, I never seem to have enough of it!  I already have in mind which part of Japan to explore the next time we go again, although as a matter of fact we have just been back a few days ago!

On the first day of CNY, we had a very lovely day at Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan.  Beside some sightseeing, we spent the afternoon strolling down the main street of Chinatown, and be soaked in the great CNY atmosphere which I have not felt for many years.  Though it was business as usual for all the shops, the street was packed with people (mostly local tourists), mostly attracted to the lion dance performances which started around 330pm.  There were three troupes, mainly made up of young people, that went around the shops to “cai qing” (采青).  There were even fire crackers that further heightened up the mood.  It is too bad that fire crackers have been banned in Singapore since 1972!

Yesterday was DS’ first day at work after our 12-day CNY trip, and see what he has come home with from his company’s lucky draw! 😀  We had decided that we need a handy humidifier during  holiday trips in winter after experiencing extreme dryness in Hokkaido last year.  We happily bought one last December but it turned out that it was an aroma diffuser!  So, this Osim Ultrasonic  Humidifier will surely be put to good use in our future trips!


Haha, it will be great if we would also have some luck with the Hong Bao Toto draw today.  Then I will be laughing my way to Japan again, for Cherry Blossom.  😀 😀 😀

Anyway, Happy Yuan Xiao Jie  & Sweet Valentine’s Day!




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