I was in a mood for a little celebration yesterday, after I read that it takes 19 years for Yuan Xiao Jie and the western Valentine’s Day to fall on the same day.

(Yuan Xiao Jie 元宵节 is the 15th and also the last day of Chinese New Year.  It is also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day)

There were no roses nor fancy meal out.  Anyway, I don’t believe in burning my pockets on such occasions which have become very commercialised, in my opinion.  So, we did it in the comfort of our home.

As it was the last day of CNY, I thought it would be nice to have another round of Yusheng before I have to wait for another year to taste it again.  I like Yusheng, and this was our third round this CNY.

I bought this Yusheng package from Cold Storage and this was my first time having Yusheng at home.  I didn’t like the idea of having it with the smoked salmon that was included, and there were only a few thin slices.  I replaced them with a considerably big piece of raw salmon, nicely sliced with the help of the staff.  So, three layers of raw salmon and we ate to our hearts’ content! 😀

捞啊捞啊。。。 就希望捞个富贵、安康、如意年!


The other day at Ding Tai Fung, the Yusheng we ordered came with only 4 miserable slices of salmon, and they were smoked salmon.  Well, I like smoked salmon too but that did not impress me.   I still like a more original version of using fresh, raw fish.

We also had a small plate of sushi, also bought from Cold Storage.  This was also my first time buying sushi from Cold Storage.


At only S$8.50 for 8 pieces, there is no reason to complain about its quality.  Sushi are still best to be eaten at the restaurants where they are freshly prepared.  DS and I had eaten quite a lot of pretty good ones during our recent holiday in Japan. 🙂  Delicious Japanese food is one of the reasons why I like Japan so much!

Yusheng and sushi, that were more than enough to fill our stomachs but how could we miss out the tradition of having a bowl of Tang Yuan (glutinuous rice balls, 汤圆) on Yuan Xiao Jie? 🙂

Tang Yuan

And finally, late into the night, something sweet to end the day.

Yamazaki Cake

I bought this chocolate fudge cake from Yamazaki bakery, for the first time.  I think this was also my first time getting a cake on Valentine’s day.  It was rather unusual of me because I actually don’t have a liking for cake, except chocolate cake occasionally.  Well, sometimes we do weird things in life, don’t we?  So yesterday was one of those days. 🙂

Oh, by the way, my dream to go to Japan again for the cherry blossom next month has been shattered.  I am not one of the winners of the S$10 million Hongbao Toto draw last night. 😦


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