On our way to watch the Grasshopper Glamorous Concert (草蜢华丽舞台演唱会) at the Resort World Sentosa last Saturday (15 Mar), DS and I decided to drop by VivoCity for an early dinner and a little bit of shopping before crossing over to Sentosa island for the night.

Our choice of dinner that day was Madam Kwan’s, a popular casual dining chain from Malaysia.  We had been to Madam Kwan’s in Kuala Lumpur some years ago when we went there for a short holiday.  I remember we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food in the company of my Malaysian friends there.

This one in VivoCity opened in March 2013, and it is Madam Kwan’s first outlet outside Malaysia.  We have dined there once with a friend last November, after visiting the SEA (South East Asia) Aquarium, also in Resort World Sentosa.

Mdm Kwans1

That time, we ordered its signature Nasi Lemak and Nasi Bojari and were very pleased with our choices.

Signature Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Bojari. I have read that this is a dish created by the now over-80 years old Madam Kwan herself, to reflect the multi-racial society of MalaysiaNasi Bojari

For a change this time, we decided to order a plate of fried kway tiao and a few dishes to go with plain nasi lemak (coconut milk rice).

Two pieces of chicken curry at S$8.00 (before taxes).  Definitely worth it as the coconut milk used was thick,  fresh and aromatic, just like home-cooked curry.  Thumbs up to this although I think it could taste even better if the curry were cooked with potatoes that can further enhance the natural sweetness of the curry.

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry with rice

Plain Nasi Lemak at S$2.00 (before taxes) per plate. We were impressed by the aromatic smell of coconut milk!

Plain Nasi Lemak

This Beef Rendang is soft and tasty.  The price at S$11.90 (before taxes) per plate seems reasonable too.  It somehow reminds me of the Beef Rendang from Sanur Restaurant.  Sanur was one Indonesia restaurant that DS and I would go to whenever we wanted to savour some Indonesian food.  It is a pity that the restaurant has already closed down.

Beef Rendang

No meal would be complete without a portion of vegetable (fibre) intake.  So, we picked Sambal Kangkong (water spinach) which costs S$10.90 (before taxes).  We actually had to ask for a replacement as the first plate served had a strong “chao tar” (burnt) taste and was also way too salty.  The replacement was much better.  The stalks were crunchy although this dish was still a little salty for my taste bud.

Sambal Kangkong

All was good but this fried Kway Tiao was a disappointment.  Though a little expensive (S$14.90 per plate before taxes), there was a relatively generous portion of ingredients like squid, chicken meat and prawns, so that was the only plus point.  However, the prawns were not fresh.  😦  It was a little bit oily, and lacked that “deep heat” (wok hei, in Cantonese) fragrance expected of this dish.  Our favourite fried Kway Tiao is still the one from Different Taste at Frankel Avenue.   

Fried Kway Tiao

A bowl of Bobo Chacha for a sweet ending to our meal.  This is a coconut milk dessert soup with yam and sweet potatoes in it.

Bobo Chacha

So, that was quite a heavy and sinful meal ! 😀

Overall, we were satisfied with the food except the fried Kway Tiao.  We will surely consider going back again to try out other dishes, perhaps its very expensive fish-head curry, when we are in that part of Singapore.  At S$49 (before taxes), this is the most expensive fish-head curry I have come across.  I wonder if there are some special ingredients in it?!

Came across these at the cashier counter on our way out.  They are the restaurant’s name cards.  I thought there is some creativity there. 🙂

Madam Kwans3

However, service standard in Madam Kwan’s is not very satisfactory.  We went at a time which was not peak dining hours.  There were not many diners but service was slow.  It seems that there was a shortage of service staff and to make the matter worse, I noticed that there was also a lack of attentiveness in them.  Good and attentive service always add points to a pleasant dining experience.  When I am there again in future, I hope there will be some improvements in this aspect.

Note : For the benefit of non-Singaporean readers, most restaurants in Singapore impose a 10% service charge and 7% goods and services tax.


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