It’s April Fools’ Day!  No worries, I am not going to play pranks here. 🙂

Let me kick off the first day of Q2 2014 with this Celebration of Life video taken at the Marina Bay area last Saturday (29 Mar).

Celebration of Life was a 3D projection installation for the ArtScience Museum of Marina Bay Sand (MBS) and also one of the art installations in the i Light Marina Bay 2014 event which ran from 7 to 30 March. It’s a beautiful piece of work, isn’t it?  For those who are unfamiliar with Singapore, the ArtScience Museum has a very unique structure that looks like a blooming lotus (photo below), and in my opinion, a piece of art itself!

ArtScience Museum, taken while waiting for the Celebration of Life to start.

ArtScience Museum

Still pictures from Celebration of Life

ArtScience Museum3

ArtScience Museum2

ArtScience Museum4

ArtScience Museum5

This was our first time there at the i Light event, although this annual event started in 2012.  There was a total of 28 pieces of work from international artists this year but alas, DS and I missed out some of them. I didn’t realise that the event covered such a big area.  I learned about it from the “Good Morning Singapore” TV programme but I should have found out more information before we went down. 😦  What a blur sotong!

Happy Croco by Bibi, France

Happy Croc

WeHeartLight by Light Collective, UK


JouJou-Ours by Uno Lai, Taiwan


iSWARM by Professor Thomas Schroepfer & Professor Suranga Nanayakkara


I actually like the Marina Bay area a lot.  I always think that this is one very well and beautifully developed area in Singapore and has the best skyline in town.  Tourist spot aside, it is also a great place for a nice evening stroll with families or to hang out with friends.  Food in this area can be expensive though.

Marina Bay Sands with ArtScience Museum, Singapore Flyer & high-rise building

Marina Bay1

Financial hub of Marina Bay area

Marina Bay2

A World United, the Olympic-themed sculpture in celebration of Singapore 2010, the inaugural Youth Olympic Games

Marina Bay3

The pleasant surprise that evening – laser and music fountain show at about 8pm (seen from 1:06 minute of the video below).  I am not sure how long this has been around but according to someone manning a food stall that I asked, the laser and music fountain show is a permanent display available every night.

I would like to go to Marina Bay more for weekend outings but the crowds really put me off.  So, to me, home is still the best place to be in on weekends unless there is a reason for me to be out.


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