My home-cooked dinner tonight.

Chinese-styled clam vermicelli (中式蛤蜊炒面线)

Clam Vermicelli

Since this was my first time using clams to cook thick Chinese Vermicelli, and it turned out pretty well, I decided to share my cooking video here.

My mum bought these vermicelli for me from San Shu Gong (三叔公) in Malacca (Malaysia).

Thick Mianxian

If you have not cooked clams before, you may want to note that it is a little bit tedious to clean them.  It requires soaking in salt water and also many rounds of rinsing in order to properly get rid of the dirt inside the clams.  I learned about it from a cooking programme on TV some time ago.  This video which I have just found on YouTube will be helpful for the first-timers.

Cooking can be fun!


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