The event runs from 14 April to 4 May, 2014 at the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay.

Photo taken from the website of Gardens by the Bay


DS and I visited Tulipmania 2013 (also held at the Flower Dome) twice.  So, we are really glad that the event is here again for the second time.  Thanks to Gardens by the Bay for organising it and also KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for the sponsorship!

I woke up much earlier than usual yesterday and made my way to the Flower Dome after breakfast.  See, just how excited I was!  I decided to go ahead alone first, and then visit again with DS on another day convenient to him.

Miniature display near the entrance.  Nice job but many tulips planted around it have yet to bloom!



Full view of the tulips field, inspired by Madurodam, a miniature park and tourist attraction in the Netherlands.  The centerpiece depicts dutch canal scenes, houses and windmills set amidst a field of tulips and hyacinths.


The tulips field, viewed from another angle


Tulips in clogs


I quite like the display concept this year and I can imagine it is going to be very colourful and attractive.  But do you notice anything strange with the three photos above?   Now, have a look on the photos below.




Tulipmania2014-10  Tulipmania2014-06

What a disappointment!  Many of the tulips have not even bloomed yet!  I guess at most only about 25% have bloomed (following photos).





In my opinion, Gardens by the Bay should not have opened the event until at least 80-90% of the flowers have bloomed, in order to avoid visitors’ disappointment and not to waste visitors’ time and money, especially those who have excitedly made a trip there on its first day of opening.

With my annual pass which allows unlimited access to both the conservatories (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest), I can plan to go again without having to worry about paying for more entrance tickets, as long as I can afford the time.  However, not everyone holds an annual pass or can afford the luxury of time for more visit(s).  For those who are not earning much, the entrance ticket may be too much for them to afford another visit.  While I was there, I was approached by a lady to help her with a few photos.  She was alone and seems to have a great liking for tulips.  She is a Malaysian lady working in Singapore and has made use of her one-day-a-week only day off yesterday to be at the Tulipmania.   From the brief conversation we had, I gathered that she was also disappointed that many of the tulips have not bloomed.  I suggested that she visits again in order to enjoy the splendour of the full blooms but she told me it will be too much for her to spend for another entrance ticket.  I can’t help feeling sorry for her.  So, if there is ever going to be a Tulipmania again in future, I hope Gardens by the Bay will be more considerate for the group of people like this Malaysian lady.

The only consolation from my visit yesterday was the many other beautiful blooms in the Flower Dome.  Since its official opening in June 2012, I have visited the Flower Dome more than 10 times (less on the Cloud Forest though), and never had I seen these many blooms before!  Hope you will enjoy this video created from my visit yesterday.

Surely, I have to be back there soon for the Tulipmania again!

Watch this space for more update on the Tulipmania 2014. 🙂


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