I went back to Gardens by the Bay two days ago (19 April), together with DS this time, for the Tulipmania 2014 event again.  It was the 6th day of the event and I expected most of the tulips to have bloomed by then.


We arrived there at about 8:30am, half an hour before the opening of the Flower Dome.  We were expecting huge crowds because it was a Saturday, and also a long weekend for the Good Friday holiday, so we decided to start early and hopefully, end our visit before it got too crowded.  By 8:50am, there were already many people queuing to get in!  A lady told me that she was there on Good Friday but had to give up because there was a long queue of about 100m waiting to get in.  That’s how popular the event is!

We were glad that indeed most (though still not all) of the tulips have bloomed and the whole tulip field has become quite colourful with a good variety of tulips and hyacinths.












Here’s a video which I have created to include both my visits to Tulipmania 2014.  The first 2:11 minutes are from my first visit on 14 April, and you will see the difference between the two visits.

It was close to 1pm by the time we made our way out.  Flower Dome was already crowded with visitors & photography enthusiasts by mid morning.  Out there at the ticketing counters, there was also a very long queue waiting to get the tickets to the cooled conservatories.  Perhaps they were not aware that they could skip the queue by buying the tickets online in advance.  That’s what DS did, and it saved him the hassles. 🙂

After close to two years, it looks like the staff at the ticketing counters of Gardens by the Bay are still not efficient enough to handle huge group of visitors!  



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