Breakfast this morning was Japanese cotton cheese cake which I baked yesterday.

Cheese Cake

This was my first baking attempt after a long while, and also my first time trying out Japanese cotton cheese cake.  I never like western cheese cakes because I can’t appreciate that rich cheesy flavour. Basically, I am not a cheese person. However, I don’t mind the Japanese version once in a while as it is fluffy and light.  DS on the other hand seems to be able to enjoy cheesy food a lot better.

So, how was my first attempt?  Taste wise, it was good.  The cake was soft, light and the lemon zest gives a tinge of lemon fragrance which made it so pleasant to eat.    However, I would declare this a failed attempt because I didn’t achieve that soft and fluffy effect that it was supposed to be. 😦

It still looked good in the last few minutes of baking

Cheese Cake2

But this is the actual ugly look after cooling 😦

Cheese Cake3

I am still wondering why it turned out this way.  I mean the not-supposed-to-happen sinking effect.  I thought I have followed the recipe and instructions closely except that I did not use a water bath to bake.  I have read about successful direct baking without the use of water bath.  Anyway, I was using a water oven to bake.  So, I don’t think this has contributed to the failure.

Surely I need a postmortem.  So I read up online and found out a few possible reasons :

  1. Took out too fast from the oven.
  2. Cake was not done well, meaning not cooked enough
  3. Ingredients not well mixed
  4. Butter and sugar not cream enough
  5. Batter too wet
  6. Not enough structure

Point 1 and 2 are out since I actually left the cake to cool slowly in the oven with the oven door left ajar (as per the instruction), and I did insert a thin metal (Korean) chopsticks into the cake to confirm that it was cooked.   The chopsticks came out clean without any mixture sticking to it.

Have I not done the steps rights?

 Melted mixture of cream cheese, butter and milk (using double boil method) left to coolCheese Cake5

6 eggsCheese Cake6

Lemon zest and fresh lemon juice.  Used 1/4 tsp of lemon juice to replace cream of tartar.  Since the recipe says lemon juice or cream of tartar.  So, this can’t be the cause.

Cheese Cake7

Folding in flour, corn starch, egg yolks and lemon zest into the cooled cheese mixture.

Cheese Cake9

Whisked egg white.  First whisked with only lemon juice till foamy, then added sugar to whisk until soft peak formed.  Have I done this right?  Is this the cause of my failure?

Cheese Cake4

Tenting the batter with an aluminium foil loosely put on top, to prevent too much browning or burning on the top.  This cover was removed about 15 minutes before the end of baking.

Cheese Cake8

I still can’t figure out what has gone wrong.

You are most welcome to offer your comments and advice.


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