Lately, I have been enjoying myself reading “Cook Japanese with Tamako” which I ordered online from Kinokuniya Singapore book store.  It is an interesting read. I shall write more about it when I finish reading.

This book by Marshall Cavendish is retailing at S$34.24 but I bought it with a 20% discount during Kinokuniya’s members’ sales recently

Cook Japanese

Through this book, I learned about Ponzu, a citrus-based Japanese soya saue, and its usage.  And here’s my first bottle of Ponzu which I bought from Isetan supermarket last week.


So, I used it to grill salmon fillet for the first time.  Normally, I season my salmon fillets in two ways : (1) salt, black pepper, Italian herbs and honey or (2) teriyaki sauce bought off the rack.

Today, I seasoned my salmon fillets with ponzu sauce, mirin, Japanese ryouri sake (cooking wine) & honey (one tablespoon of each) plus a small amount of sesame oil.  I seasoned it for about 8 hrs in a plastic bag, in the fridge


And here’s my happy meal tonight – grilled salmon with a small portion of stir-fried udon.

Stir-fried udon using slices of garlic & shredded carrot only, and topped with thin strips of fried eggs, furikake (bonito and seaweed flakes) as well as the sauce cooked from the seasonings for the salmon fillets.  Carrot was used to have some fibre intake, thus a more balanced diet.

Udon and Salmon

(The above is not a recipe from the cook book mentioned above.)

This is the udon that I used.  It was also bought from Isetan supermarket, my favourite supermarket for buying Japanese food and ingredients.

This packet of udon is good for four adult servings, and I used only one serving for two today as I wanted only a low portion of carbo intake.  I boiled it in water, drained, rinsed with ice water before I stir-fried it.  Udon

My dinner was done in about 45 minutes. 🙂


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