Earlier today, I read that Donald Duck, an animal cartoon character created by Walt Disney Productions, turns 80 years old today!

Wow, I didn’t realise that Donald Duck has been around for that long!  It is definitely one of the many cartoon characters that DS and I were very fond of in our childhood!

Hi Donald Duck, are you saying “I may be old but I am still strong as a bull” ?

Donald Duck

A Promo Video of Donald Duck’s Jubilee Birthday 30 years ago!

See what I have got here –  stickers of Donald Duck and many other cartoon characters!

A complete set of 20 pieces, all have been very well kept although many have turned yellowish.  These stickers (collected free from Caltex petrol kiosks) are DS’ precious collection.  I used to have a set too but I pasted them on books after a while.

Are you familiar with these characters?  Can you guess how old these stickers are?

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Baby Mickey, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Huey

Caltex Stickers1

Louie, Dewey, Ludwig von Drake, Uncle Scrooge, Bambi & Flower

Caltex Stickers2

Thumper, Tramp, Lady, Scamp, Pinocchio and Alice.

Caltex Stickers3

Pongo and Cinderella

Caltex Stickers4

Another set –  Snow White and 7 Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Three Little Pigs and Popeye!

Cartoon Stickers

Believe it or not, these stickers are more than 40 years old now!!

I was completely amazed that DS has kept them for this long!  They really bring back lots of fond memories of my childhood where collecting such stickers was one simple joy then.  There was no IT or internet, neither was there the luxury of toys during those days but my cousins, siblings and I were not short of activities and fun.  Most of our activities were achieved without spending money!

  • We played hopscotch in school, home’s car porch or even outside the house


  • We played marbles outside my parents’ home
  • We flied kites in the big field in front of my parents’ home.  Our kites were made from old newspapers, bamboo sticks and home-made glue (using corn flour which my late granny used for cooking!)
  • We played paper football, also made from gluing together old newspapers
  • We played “five stones” which we hand-sewed using left-over cloths or old, unwanted clothes and filled with green beans or dry sands

  • We had rope skipping games and our rope was made from lots of colourful rubber bands that we collected
  • We caught beetles and  tadpoles in the drains
  • The boys played catapults made using tree branches and rubber band and they also had spider-fighting games using real spiders that they caught and kept in a match box, and many more.

We had some creativity then, hadn’t we?  And we were already able to recycle and reuse old and unwanted materials then!

Such was our pressure-free, fun-filled and happy childhood which are already lost in our society today!  Nowadays, children have a lot more better toys and computer games but their lives are full of pressures and high expectations from their parents.  I would think that times should get better and better as the world progresses.  Apparently it isn’t the case.  All the advancements in the world do not seem to make people happier.


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