The seven-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift is in town for her Red Tour concert.  The first night was on the 9th, and the second, tonight (12 Jun).

Photo from http://www.sportshub.com.sg


DS and I were considering going to the concert but decided to give it a miss due to DS’ tight schedule (thus many late nights) at work, and both the concerts are held on weekdays.

However, little did we expect Taylor Swift to have brought us some luck while she is in town!!


When passing by a Singapore Pools outlet during his lunch break on Monday, DS decided to part with S$10 try his luck with 4-Digits (4D).  He didn’t have any number in mind to buy and after giving some thoughts, he came up with something related to Taylor Swift and her concert that night.

  • 1215 – Taylor’s Swift’s songs : Back to December (12) and Fifteen (15).
  • 1309 – her lucky number (13) and the date of her extra concert in Singapore (9th).


And the winning number was…


This is DS’ first 4D win in his life! 😀  The feeling of winning was very great, even better than getting his monthly salary!

DS is still feeling really happy and thankful to Taylor Swift for this first winning break ever!  We will surely continue to buy her albums to show our gratitude! 😀 😀


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