Last Saturday (5 Jul) DS and I went to the  Singapore National Stadium again for yet another first – the first pop act to perform in this new stadium.

Kepler Concert by homegrown singer Stefanie Sun (aka Sun Yan Zi)


It was a very entertaining concert and the audience were really in high spirit.  There were about 20,000 spectators that night.  So imagine all the screaming and cheering!


We felt that Stefanie has improved tremendously since the last time we attended her first concert in April 2002.  She has improved so much in her showmanship and in engaging the audience, although we think that she could still increase her efforts in putting up better dances.



Stefanie Sun is definitely one local singer that we like and support.  We have a good collection of most of her albums and like many of her songs which we find very uniquely her, clear and engaging.

I found it particularly meaningful that she kicked off her concert with “Cloudy Day”, her breakthrough hit (成名曲 – 天黑黑) 14 years ago when she started her singing career

Two Singapore NDP (National Day Parade) theme songs were sang before the last song – We Will Get There (NDP 2002) and One United People (NDP 2003).  These were specially performed for the Singapore stop only and she described it as a precursor to Singapore’s national day next month (9 August).  But alas, DS didn’t record this special part! 😀

One song (我要的幸福) only for the encore

DS and I had really enjoyed the concert.  We both concluded that it was a good show but it would have been perfect if her voice condition and control was better that night.


We think that the national stadium is not an ideal venue for a pop concert like this.  It is no doubt that it could accommodate a larger capacity of audience but it was too warm and stuffy for comfort, and the acoustics wasn’t as good as that in the indoor stadium.


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