The past two and a half weeks had been been somehow “eventful”.

My mum had fallen ill in the recent months, and she finally agreed to undergo a needed surgery in the middle of July.  It was all very tensed and worrisome for all of us in the family as my mum is already close to 80 years old, has a weak heart and is mildly diabetic.  Hence, there was a certain level of risk as far as the surgery was concerned.

Thanks to the team of very professional and experienced experts (the surgeon, cardiologist and anaesthetist), all had gone very well with the surgery. We are all very glad that my mum had been discharged from the hospital after about 10 days, and she is on her road to recovery although she is still weak physically.  We are also encouraged to see that there has been no complaint of pain or discomfort from my mum after the surgery.  She has been brave and maintaining a strong spirit.  I pray that my mum will enjoy many more healthy years ahead and be able to fulfill her wish of seeing my niece (my mum’s precious grand daughter) get married.  🙂

In September 2008, I wrote about going green with a new glass kettle.  That kettle has really served me well since then but very sadly, for whatever unknown reason, it cracked one morning.  DS thought he heard a strange sound that morning, but little did he expect that to have come from the cracking of our precious kettle.

See that long crack line at the bottom?  😦

Cracked Kettle

I thought I could easily get a replacement from Bodum in Takashimaya where I bought the first one but I found out that this product has been discontinued from the market.  Oh, what a sad news!  Is there no demand for such a nice product?  Not wanting to give up, I then wrote in to Bodum’s distributor in Singapore with the hope that they could help source it elsewhere for me but to no avail.   So I had to settle with this second best option after shopping around at Takashimaya’s Kitchen department – a 1.2L, semi-glass electric kettle from Hario, a Japanese brand.  It is pretty efficient – takes about  2 minutes only to boil 0.5L of water but if I could have the choice, I would still prefer my old Bodum glass kettle. 😦

Electric Kettle

Then came another incident which I had to part with a few tens of dollars last week!  I accidentally dropped the water tank of my Sharp Healsio oven when I was trying to insert it into the oven one evening as I prepared to grill fish for dinner!  Alas, how careless!  Fortunately, I was able to get a replacement fast enough (within 2-3 days) from Sharp’s authorised part centre!  Phew….

Water Tank

It is almost end of July now.  Whilst I find the hot weather a little unbearable at times, I am glad that the yearly haze (from Indonesia) which normally hits Singapore around this time of the year has not arrived yet!  So, that’s one little good news for the month! 🙂


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