Yet another Hello Kitty fever in town!   This time, it is the inaugural Hello Kitty Run Singapore which will be held on 1 November 2014, in commemorating Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday.  This is said to be the only Hello Kitty birthday bash in South-East Asia.

Taken from the website of Hello Kitty Run Singapore

Hello Kitty Run

The 15,000 slots allocated for pre-registration were all snatched up in 24 hours, as reported!  Not surprising at all, given the extreme popularity of Hello Kitty!

Since I got the news about this event too late and missed the pre-registration (at S$65 per person), I decided to sign up today when the registration was open to public (at S$70 per person) at 12 noon.  The response was so overwhelming (which was not unexpected) that many could not even gain access to the website.  I was one of them.  Soon the Facebook page of Hello Kitty Run was flooded with messages from people expressing their problems in registering themselves.

HLR Msg1

And by about 40 minutes after the registration was opened, the organiser had to announce the closure of their website.

HKR Msg2

This only speaks of how unprofessional and ill-prepared the organiser is!  Does the organiser not know the popularity of Hello Kitty? Has the organiser not read about the online sales hiccups with MacDonald’s Hello Kitty Bubbly World Series Collector’s Set in April?  And has the organiser not learned from the MacDonald’s experience?

Not wanting to give up, I decided to try again from 2pm but no luck at all.  Just look at the error messages I got each time I hit the registration button!




This was the best I could get but the redirection did not work at all.



There was still no luck by 6pm.  I decided to give up!

Extremely frustrated and disappointed, I concluded that it is not worth me spending my time and money for this event!  If the organiser can’t even handle the online registration well, I will have no confidence that the event will be a smooth one on that day.

Now, let me think of how I can celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday with the S$140 I didn’t spend!


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