My little gifts of love for my mum and elder sister this week – homemade pickled green chilies and oil-free “fried” anchovies.



These are easily available in supermarkets/wet markets but I have been making them at home in the past months.  Just like homemade salted eggs which I wrote about in July, these are my other small efforts in having a healthier choice of food prepared at home, whenever possible.  I am also hoping by offering them to my elder sister, I can help create my elder sister’s interest in cooking.  I have one elder sister and one younger sister but unlike me, they are not keen in cooking.  I might have inherited that interests from my late grandma, and I am always grateful to have the opportunity to pick up some basic cooking skills from her.  I count that a big blessing in my life.

Both pickled green chilies and oil-free fried anchovies are very easy to prepare.

For the pickled green chilies, I adopted the recipe from Rasa Malaysia, with variations on the quantity of the ingredients used.

Washed (without soaking) green chilies

Green chilies

Cut, rinsed very briefly with boiled water and drained using a sieve

Green Chilies02

 Ingredients used to pickle : vinegar, salt and sugar.  That simple.  This is my choice of vinegar which I believe is of better quality than the china-produced white rice vinegar


That’s what I got with 11 green chilies, 450ml of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of salt and 3/4 teaspoon of sugar.  I kept the middle bottle for my own consumption.

Pickled Green Chilies

Crunchy and nice when I ate it the next day with Hor Fun 🙂

Pickled Green Chilies02

The oil-free fried anchovies were prepared using microwave.  I prefer medium-sized anchovies over big ones are they are easier to chew, especially for my 80-year-old mum.

Rinse a few rounds under tap water to get rid of the “dirt” and saltiness.  After rinsing, drain them on a sieve and then spread evenly on a plate.


I microwaved them in intervals of 3-4 minutes, took out after each interval to toss and loosen them (some tend to stick together as they dried up) and then put them back to the microwave oven to continue heating.  Repeat the process until they are all crispy.    The actual time needed depends on the quantity and size of the anchovies.

After 3 minutes – drier but can’t see much difference in terms of colour-change.


After 8 minutes – browning but still soft and not crispy


Tada, my healthy, oil-free fried anchovies after 13 minutes.  Nicely browned, crispy and nice.  They taste as good as those fried using oil.


Anchovies is a good source of calcium.  I like to eat them as a snack, or with porridge or soupy noodles meal.

See that little phrase on my labels?  Eat Well, Sleep Well, Live Well.  That’s the motto I am trying to adopt now.


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