Tokyu Hands from Japan has opened its first store in Singapore last month!  This is also its first store in southeast Asia.

Tokyu Hands @ Westgate, Jurong East

TokyuHands Singapore

This is one must-go creative live store in Japan for DS and I whenever we spent our holidays in Japan.  We had been to Tokyu Hands in Osaka, Hiroshima, Shinjuku and Sapporo so far.  It is a one-stop store for us to get some interesting or useful stuff (except apparels and food) from Japan, whether for our own use or as souvenirs for friends and relatives.  We always enjoyed spending hours (at least half a day) browsing through every section, checking out the vast range of Japanese inventions and lifestyle products, admiring and be impressed by their brilliant creativity, filling up our shopping baskets and, finally left feeling very happy and satisfied!

So surely we wouldn’t miss checking out Tokyu Hands’ first store in Singapore although it is located at the far western part of Singapore.  Just the MRT journey to Jurong East itself took us about 50 minutes.  It has been a long time, so long that we can’t even remember when was the last time we actually went shopping in Jurong area!  I think at least 10 years?!  But we would do it for Tokyu Hands!

The size of Tokyu Hands @ Westgate (7,500 square feet) is not small to start with, although it is nowhere near the size of the outlets in Japan that we had been to (in Chinese, we say 小巫见大巫).  Understandably, the choices of products here are significantly less too but there are many interesting designed-by-Japan and made-in-Japan products – stationery (a large section), beauty products, travel items, functional household/kitchen products, leather goods, hobby stuffs, etc.   I would say it is a good start for its first store here.  I had wanted to take some photos inside the store to share here but I was told that photo-taking is not permitted in the store, when I tried to seek clearance from a service staff.

We spent about an hour there.  We didn’t end up with a basketful of stuffs like we did in Japan, but was happy to get a few things.

This pair of very light, foldable and washable slippers will become very handy for my future travels

TokyuHands Singapore2

Silver-plated tea caddy spoon which we have not seen it being sold anywhere in Singapore.  So we were happy to have found one!

TokyuHands Singapore03

Jar opener which fits different sizes of jar cap

TokyuHands Singapore 03

Loose powder puffs and mail clipper

TokyuHands Singapore04

I have read that Tokyu Hands will be opening its second outlet in Singapore, in Orchard area.  That will certainly be a great location for me since I do most of my shopping and errands in Orchard area.  I can’t wait for it to open!


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