Hello Kitty turns 40 today!

Surely, it is quite a milestone for Hello Kitty to still remain so popular and strong after 40 years.  This speaks of how successful this cute character/icon (not a cat, though!) has attracted the hearts of many (young and old) worldwide!

I would have love to take part in the Hello Kitty Run Singapore held in Sentosa island this morning but it looks like I have made the right decision not to, after my big disappointment with the registration.  The weather was not good this morning (rather unfortunate for the 17,000 participants) and it also seems that the event was not well organised, based on many negative comments I have come across on the Hello Kitty Run Singapore page on Facebook.  I was also considering a day trip to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor but after reading that they were attempting a record largest gathering of Hello Kitty fans, I gave up the idea.  I am just too afraid of the crowds.

So I am glad to have saved up S$140 for not participating in the run with DS.  Instead, I have used about S$50 (after some discounts) to buy two 40th Anniversary items (below) from the Sanrio store in Takashimaya recently, and keeping the balance to buy more Hello Kitty souvenirs in my next holiday trip in Japan next February. 🙂

Love this reusable stickers set that records the 40 years’ of Hello Kitty journey, and I intend to frame it up!HelloKitty40-01

Stainless steel water tumbler


This morning, I kicked off my day with a big treat for my two Hello Kittys.  No, they didn’t get a big birthday cake, neither did they get their favourite red tea or pancakes.

Hello Kitty’s first experience with Singapore local food, laksa!  😀 😀


Of course, this was just for play-play only!  It was actually my sinful breakfast.

Earlier this year, when touring Japan again with DS, I was glad to have finally visited Puroland, the Hello Kitty indoor amusement park located in Tama, after quite a number of trips to Tokyo.  That was a timely visit given that it is Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary this year. We were so impressed with the interior which has been designed like a fairyland, and there was not a single moment of dullness throughout our time spent there.  There were very entertaining shows and parade to catch, rides to take, and also photo opportunity with Hello Kitty.  If you are a fan of Hello Kitty, or have little young kids, I would highly recommend this as a not-to-be-missed destination when you are in Tokyo.   In fact, DS and I would consider going again in future.




Slideshow of photos taken in Puroland (February 2014)

Arigatou Everyone – Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Parade (February 2014)

And of course, to me, a trip to Japan is not complete without bringing home some Hello Kitty souvenirs.  This last trip I bought even more than previous trips. Perhaps, it was the 40th Anniversary mood!

Love this tie with the subtle print of Hello Kitty’s face.  DS has won it on two special occasions – our niece’s wedding and also an award ceremony event in his company – but no one has taken notice of the details! 🙂


Crystal ball with light and music,  from Tokyo SkytreeHKSouvenirs2

From Puroland, Gift Gate @ Shinjuku and Tokyu HandsHKsouvenirs3

DVDs from PurolandHKSouvenirs4

A 40th Anniversary watch


Oh dear, I wonder if I would ever stop loving Hello Kitty?!


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