I visited the Gardens by the Bay again yesterday evening, with DS this time.  I was keen to see the lighting of Yuletide in Flower Dome after dark, and also the Luminarie in Christmas Wonderland which is said to be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

It was raining cats and dogs when we were on our way to the Gardens by the Bay in a taxi after 5pm.  We thought we could only settle with the Yuletide in Flower Dome which is held indoor, given the poor weather condition.  Very fortunately, the rain stopped around 7pm or I knew I would be very disappointed.

The rain has subsided a little when this shot was taken.  This giant Christmas tree with Cloud Forest at the background, bears the logo of Gardens by the Bay on top, and is decorated with lots of artificial dragonflies


Yuletide in Flower Dome, after dark

Christmas@GBB02  Christmas@GBB04


Reflection on the glass ceiling






Christmas@GBB07   Christmas@GBB10

Obviously the heavy rain earlier did not stop many from visiting the Gardens by the Bay.  The outdoor Christmas Wonderland event was packed with even more visitors which was not unexpected since there was no entrance fees required.  I saw that many of them were foreigners.  Many also went as a family, young and old, or with their groups of friends, and were busy snapping away with their cameras or smartphones.  The mood was just great!  I would say this is one event not to be missed in Singapore this Christmas, especially for those who have yet to see a Luminarie like this.

Christmas Wonderland

Mini Frontone of 14.4m at the entrance to Supertree Grove


4 Arches of 10m leading into Supertree Grove


Solo pieces of 9m each


Supertree with OCBC Skywalk.  The lighting was simply enchanting!CW04


Marina Bay Sands seen from Supertree Grove area where the Luminarie is heldCW06

Cassa Armonica, a mini capola of 7.5m wide and 9m tall.  Choirs etc. are held here but we didn’t manage to catch any when we were there


Spalliera, a crown of lights, is the masterpiece in Christmas Wonderland.  It is some 17m tall and 31m wide.  Very impressive piece of work!CW08


Blizzard Time is held 3 or 4 times a day at the Spalliera.  I managed to catch the one at 9:05pm from outside the Spalliera (see video below).  Many entered into the Spalliera to have a more up-close view of this magnificent luminarie, and also to be soaked in the fun during the Blizzard Time.  We had decided not to do so.  The ground was still wet, soft and muddy, and we did not want to dirty our shoes.   It would have been better if the ground was temporary paved before building the Spalliera, considering that year-end is a rainy season in Singapore.  This is one thing the organiser can improve on if a similar event will be planned in future.

Many people were still arriving when DS and I made our way out after 10pm.

Frontone, the Arrival Arches consisting of 1 Frontone of 15.65m & 6 arches



Thanks to Gardens by the Bay!  The events make this Christmas a little bit special for me because it was my first time seeing such Luminarie!

I have yet to see the Christmas lighting on Orchard Road.  With only 4 days to go before Christmas, I still can’t make up my mind to go.


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