A blessed Christmas to all readers!

Mango Cheesecake

This Christmas is so super quiet for me that I decided to brighten up my day a bit by making these no-bake mango cheesecakes for dessert tonight.  This is my first time making this type of cheesecakes, and I am glad that they have turned out pretty well.

This Christmas and also year-end are actually not so merry for us.  Due to a major project implementation, my dear hubby not only had to work today, but also has to be on a 12-hour work shift, plus 12-hour off-site support everyday from now till 1 Jan when the cut-over is expected to complete, with no break at all. Why are the bosses taxing their staffs so much without even a little thought spared on their staffs’ health and welfare?  To make things worse, there is no mention at all of any compensating off-days for all the extra work during this period – 4 extra man-days, not considering another 3 man-days working on public holidays and weekends.  Unfortunately, there is no way for these people who are not protected under Labour Law or Employment Act, to voice their unhappiness.

Enough of my rantings.

Christmas dinner was a simple one and we didn’t have it until DS got home past 10pm!


Grilled Prawns

I am praying and hoping that next year will be a better year for my dear hubby in terms of his workload and health.

May God’s love and peace with you today and all through the new year ahead.


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