This morning, hubby and I went for our first exercise for the year.  At last, after not being able to do so for many months due to hubby’s very hectic work schedule.  With the project now implemented, I am praying and hoping that year 2015 will be a better year for him in terms of work-life balance and his health.

The weather this morning was lovely.  Cool and windy.  It was so good to be back exercising in our Lao Di Fang (老地方, Chinese words meaning our regular place).  I hope we will be able to do it regularly this year as part of our efforts to live well and stay fit.  We are all responsible for our own health and exercise is one way to achieving it.

On the eve of new year, we had a late home-cooked dinner since hubby didn’t get home from work until past 10pm.  Our meal was a little special this time though simple.

New Year’s Eve dinner at home.

Salad in ponzu (sauce made from soy sauce and citrus juice) and olive oil

NYE Dinner

Cold green-tea soba, for the first time

NYE Dinner02

In Japanese tradition, people eat soba, called toshikoshi soba (年越し蕎麦) on the eve of New Year to let go of the hardship of the year or to ward off evil spirits, and also to wish for long-life.

Simmered daikon (radish) with chicken wing, also my first attempt

NYE Dinner03

The recipe is from Cook Japanese with Tamako again.  We really liked it.

We then topped it off with a small glass of plum wine (梅酒) and a small piece of cheese cake each from Snaffles to complete our simple yet satisfying meal to end the year 2014.

NYE Dinner04

NYE Dinner05

2015 is a special year for Singapore as the country celebrates its 50 years of independence.

Taken on 30 Dec, 2014, this is a beautiful 2-minute montage of sketches and graphics on the milestones of Singapore, on the facade of the iconic Fullerton Hotel. This projection was created to commemorate Singapore’s 50th year of independence in 2015.

Whatever the celebrations there may be, I just hope that 2015 will be a year of good health & great joy with less heart-breaking tragedies and catastrophes around the world.  To those who have lost their loved ones in the QZ8501 tragedy on 28 December 2014, may they overcome their pain and grief, and move on with their lives.

May you have a blessed 2015.


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