Last Sunday (18 Jan), hubby and I made another visit to the Flower Dome at the Gardens by the Bay.  It was my fourth visit in the short span of less than two months. Ah, it looks like I am well suited to be an ambassador for the Flower Dome! 😀 😀

The Asian Tales floral display in celebration of the Year of the Goat, started on 16 January.  The floral display ends on 8 March.  I always prefer to visit the Flower Dome as soon as I could whenever there is a new display, as the flowers are still fresh and at their best. 🙂

Asian Tales01

I like this year’s Chinese New Year (CNY) floral display much better.  I didn’t make it last year (Year of the Horse)  but I remember the one two years ago (Year of the Snake) did not impress me at all.

Setting against the backdrop of scenic landscape of mountains and valley, the theme this year showcases three stunning goats sculpted out of wood perching on the ridge, and many goats made out of flowers (mainly chrysanthemums) grazing in field, along with an array of vibrant dahlias specially cultivated for this festivity (some of these descriptions taken from the brochures).

Entrance area

Asian Tales04

San Yang Kai Tai (三阳开泰) is a Chinese idiom that refers to the bestowing of good fortune on everything under the sun, with the onset of Spring

Asian Tales05

Central Floral Display Field with the 12 Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖) signs, and CNY decorations.

Asian Tales06

Can you recognise these Chinese Zodiac?

Asian Tales07

Were you born in the Year of the Goat?

 Asian Tales16

An interesting legend about Chinese Zodiac which is a bit different from what I knew from young

Legend of Chinese Zodiac

These three wood-sculpted goats are simply a delight to look at. Kudos to the sculptor(s)!




Asian Tales15


Asian tales12

There are nine basic flower forms of dahlias.  If you do visit the Flower Dome for the Asian Tales, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the brochure to learn more about dahlias


Beside floral displays, visitors to the Flower Dome are also treated with various activities held in there, in conjunction with this Chinese festival.  There are Rainbow calligraphy, New Year calligraphy (春联), oriental paper-cutting and mask-painting.

Rainbow Calligraphy Shifus from China.

Asian Tales 19

Instead of name painting which most people choose, I requested the Shifu to write me four Chinese words with one of them having the same pronunciation as Goat in Chinese, ie Yang.

Huan Le Yang Yi meaning overflowing joy – one of my wishes for the Year of the Goat

Asian Tales17

These two Chinese calligraphy Shifus are from China too

Asian Tales20

Another phrase with words having the pronunciation of Yang.  Xi Qi Yang Yang meaning full of joy.  I have pasted it near the entrance of my home.

Asian Tales18

Since it was not crowded at the time of my visit, and I could afford some time, I decided to have some fun in oriental paper-cutting and mask-painting which I had never done before.

Asian Tales22

Paper-cutting of Chinese Eternity Knot, the easiest of all

Asian Tales21

Asian Tales23

My ugly painting.  The instructor said I have very bold strokes in my painting but my hands were not stable enough.  This mask which has red as its main colour, represents loyalty and braveness.

Asian Tales24

Another 3 big Yuan Bao (“gold” ingots), a symbol of fortune and prosperity, near the exit of the Flower Dome

Asian Tales14

Here’s a video that I have put together, with nostalgic CNY songs.

26 days to CNY.  CNY light-up in Chinatown will start next weekend (31 January).  I am planning to go check it up next, before I travel. 🙂


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