A friend of mine has been somewhat troubled over what to prepare for an upcoming gathering on Chinese New Year.  It is good to see that members of her family and extended families are still keeping up with the tradition of a big family gathering on this special occasion, and this year, her mum is playing host for the first time.  What makes it difficult is that some of her relatives are vegetarians, thus a need to take their diet choice into consideration when preparing the food.

I suggested a couple of dishes to her. One of them is a simple stir-fry mixture of mushrooms (such as Shiitake, Buna-shimeji, Enokitake & Bunapi-shimeji) with mushroom sauce.

Mixed Mushrooms

The other is none other than Zhai Cai (斋菜), a Cantonese dish which my family eats on the first day of Chinese New Year.  This is like a family tradition since I was a kid. I have written about this (斋菜) in 2009.  My mum is still keeping this tradition till this day, and I had been doing the same (since I don’t live with her) until very recent years when hubby and I began to spend Chinese New Year outside Singapore.


It happened that I was already planning to savour some Zhai Cai before hubby and I leave for our holiday early next week.  So, I decided to come out with this video to share with my friend, and of course anyone who is interested in it, on how I cook this dish.

It is just one week to Chinese New Year now.  Hope you find my video helpful.


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