Recently, hubby and I have embarked on an intensive jogging/walking and stairs-climbing routine.  When I say intensive, I mean doing it on a daily basis within a duration, and with a target to register at least 10,000 steps a day (using the Apps available on our iPhones to measure the steps).

Why 10,000 steps?  Well, this is not new but a recommended number by the exercise experts.  There has been research that supports the benefits of this recommended number such as weight loss, increase physical activity and reduce blood pressure, to name a few. We all know that it is important that we do not take our health for granted, and prevention is always better than cure regardless of our age groups.

Just how easy or difficult it is to achieve 10,000 steps a day? I would say it is not that easy but not impossible with some conscious and good effort.  Simple ways could be like walking to/from the nearest MRT station instead of taking a bus, climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift.

But of course, these are still not enough to achieve the desired 10,000 steps.   Hence, we are making an effort to jog/brisk-walk on a daily basis.  Our dilemma which I believe is also common to many Singaporeans, is about having time and making time for such exercises.  It is really not so easy given the long working hours, and the tiredness after a long day of work.  I would say we are making good progress since early this month, after hubby settled with a special work arrangement for a temporary half day work from home with his boss.  So we are making full use of this duration.

An average of 11,000+ steps since early April 🙂


As we jog/walk more, we began to venture out to areas slightly further away from where we live.  We began to use the park connectors a lot, and are getting to know our neigbourhood better.  I am enjoying and am beginning to appreciate the Park Connectors Network that we have in Singapore.  Thanks to the great job by the NParks (National Parks) Singapore!  The park connectors have provided very convenient and pleasant paths for people to exercise despite the limited land space in Singapore.  Greenery, shady and flowering trees, shrubs and colourful flowers aside, there are also fitness equipment, children playgrounds, benches etc. within the park connectors.  What else can we ask for?

Last week, after our visit to Tulipmania 2015, we had a walk along the bayfront area, from the Gardens by the Bay to the Marina Barrage bridge, in the dusking sky.  It was our first time to walk this part of Singapore.  It’s such a beautiful area.  Perhaps this explains why many have chosen to exercise there in the evening.



Our pleasant surprise that evening….. can you guess what they are?


We saw 6 wild otters!  We have read reports on wild otters being sighted in different parts of Singapore but little did we expect to see them, right there in the Marina area!  No wonder we saw signboards reading “Otters Crossing” along the bayfront area.  I hope these otters could find enough fish and food to eat!



Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage

Bayfront skyline after dark

Gardens by the Bay & Marina Bay Sands


Singapore Flyer


The night joggers

Marina Barrage02

It looks like we have to move beyond our neighbourhood, explore other park connectors on the island and at the same time, get to know and appreciate my homeland better.  It is like killing two birds with one stone. 🙂


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