After talking about it for many years, hubby and I finally made it to the Bedok Reservoir Park last weekend for an evening jog cum walk.  And, it was our first time there, after being residents in the eastern part of Singapore for over 12 years!  I know this has taken too long.

Bedok Reservoir Park with the 88-hectare Bedok Reservoir in it, is located along Bedok Reservoir Road which holds some very fond memories of my teenage years.  In my recent posting on Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I have mentioned about coming to Singapore for holidays when I was young.  During my upper secondary school days, after I became more independent and was allowed to travel with friends, I had made a few visits to Singapore with a very close childhood friend of mine on school holidays.  We would stay with her relatives who owned a flat in Bedok Reservoir Road.  Then, the housing estate was still pretty new, and the reservoir area was not developed into a park yet.  However, the time spent with my dear friend and her relatives in Bedok Reservoir Road, formed beautiful memories which I still cherish to this day.

It took hubby and I close to an hour to complete the 4.3km track of the reservoir’s shoreline that evening, and we registered 7000+ steps.  It was a very lovely walk.  There were many joggers, walkers and strollers, but the beautiful greenery and the tranquility of the reservoir against the backdrop of setting sun simply made our exercise very enjoyable.  I also noticed that there are quite a number of nice facilities there.

The first thing I spotted as we walked in to the park …. a water cooler!  That’s nice but perhaps, NParks can consider adding a couple more along the running track. 🙂

Bedok Reservoir01

Wawawa Bistro by the Reservoir

Bedok Reservoir02

Fishing deck for the fishing enthusiasts

Bedok Reservoir03

Water sports such as sailing, kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding etc are allowed on the reservoir but we didn’t see any of these activities when we were there, apart from some fishing activities.  I have read that the water-skiing competition in the upcoming SEA Games 2015  in June will be held here at this reservoir

Bedok Reservoir04

What a beautiful living environment for the residents of this area!

Bedok Reservoir18

Forest Adventure (Aerial Tree Obstacle Course)

Bedok Reservoir05

Bedok Reservoir06

Campus of Temasek Polytechnic, seen from the jogging track

Bedok Reservoir07

Part of the track along the reservoir shoreline

Bedok Reservoir08

A fruitful mango tree!  It reminded me of the old mango tree in my parents’ home and how I used to enjoy harvesting the fruits together with my aunties, during my school days.  That mango tree is gone for many years now.

Bedok Reservoir09

The hilly part of the park.  A great place to rest and relax,  to enjoy the beauty scenery and be soaked in its serenity.  It is also a great place for picnic and other activities etc. 🙂

Bedok Reservoir10

The Floating Deck, another great spot to make a stop

Bedok Reservoir11

Too bad, it was too cloudy to catch the sunset.  Hubby and I have seen very beautiful sunset (not just once but a few times) while touring Japan but somehow we still haven’t had the chance to see one in Singapore.  I suppose it needs a bit of luck!

Bedok Reservoir12

The fitness corner seemed well made use of …

Bedok Reservoir13

…. so was the playground

Bedok Reservoir14

And, what are these? So many poles for hanging bird cages!

Bedok Reservoir15

I also spotted a lone solar panel.  Still wondering what it is for, and why only one panel.

Bedok Reservoir16

After sunset

Bedok Reservoir17

Perhaps, many are not aware that Bedok Reservoir was actually a sand quarry in the early years of Singapore’s independence.  Thanks to the great work by the authorities in converting it into a reservoir by the mid 80’s. Together with Bedok Reservoir Park, they make a great place for many to enjoy.  Singapore is a very small country in terms of its land space (about 718 square kilometre) but has a high population density of about 7,618 people per square kilometre(*) – a number too high for comfort, in my opinion.  Nevertheless, I am thankful that there are still many parks and greenery for us to enjoy.

(*) Calculated based on the the total population of 5.47 million (according to data on as of end 2014.


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