Come, Share A Coke with Qing!


The “Share A Coke” Campaign debuted in Australia in the summer of 2011/12.  It has arrived in Singapore for the first time, and now making its rounds on the island, in celebration of SG50 (Singapore’s 50th Birthday on 9 August 2015), as I understood from one of the staff at the Coca-Cola Roadshow.  Oops, SG50 again?  I think we are getting SG50-overload these few months!  Anyway…..

I can’t remember when was the last time I had a glass/can of Coke or any other gassy drinks.  Gassy drinks are just not my cup of tea.  However, I find this personalised can of Coke too hard to resist.  It requires a minimum spend of S$10 on Coco-Cola trademark products in order to get it.  Not that much, I think.

So I parted S$13+ from my wallet, and brought home 6 cans each of Coke, Coke Light and Coke Zero.


Surely, it is unlikely that hubby and I are going to consume them all.  Before I bought them, I happily thought that it would be a good idea to give them away to people like the cleaners of my block or children from low-income families.  After all, Share A Coke is about spreading happiness.  But alas, a surprise when I opened up the packs!  The cans have words such as You’re The Best, BFF, Chio, I Love You, I Miss You, Dude, Hubby & Wifey printed on them!  Most of these expressions are just not appropriate for the people I have in mind. 😦


I have taken time to speak with the staff at the roadshow to find out what the campaign is all about, how to preserve my personalised can without opening it etc., but I missed taking notice of the small prints at the bottom of the pack or I would have made a clarification first.  It says “This pack contains a mix of limited edition can designs.  So words said to be terms commonly used or classic expressions in Singapore, have been printed on these cans to make them a limited edition.


I have decided that I should keep a few cans for our own consumption but how can I best make use of the rest?  I am still thinking about this.  18 cans will be too much to consume, and 12 of them are expiring by the end of this year.


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