Have you spotted this cute Hello Kitty bus on the road in Singapore recently?


This is the first ever Hello Kitty concept bus in Singapore, courtesy of Taiwan’s EVA Airways.  The concept bus was launched by the airline in collaboration with Sanrio and SBS Transit, in conjunction with the launch of permanent Hello Kitty jet for Singapore from 21 June.  Quite a number of single-deck buses (namely number 10, 12, 36, 39, 62, 130, 154 and 159) are also featuring the Sanrio characters like My Melody and Little Twin Stars but only on the exterior.  Bus number 14 which commutes between Bedok and Clementi is the only one adorned with Hello Kitty and the other two Sanrio characters, both in the interior and exterior of the bus.

How can I miss catching such a cutie bus, as Bedok Interchange is just a stone’s throw from my home?  So I decided at least for once, to go to Orchard Road by bus, instead of taking the MRT which is much faster.

Arriving at Bedok Interchange at about 2:55pm, I was delighted to find out from one of the station staffs that the next Hello Kitty bus would depart at 3:05pm.  There is actually no specific departure timing for the bus, as it changes daily.  So, luck was on my side that day! 🙂

Passengers boarding at Bedok Interchange


The friendly driver.  Oh, I think it would be really  fun to have the driver dressed as one of the characters!  I am just kidding.


A bus ride during non-peak hours can be very pleasant when passengers are only a handful, and it all seems so quiet and peaceful in the bus.  So, needless to say, I was even happier when I saw that there were only a few of us in the bus.  Up on the upper-deck, I felt as though I had the whole bus to myself!  So I had some “fun” moving around the seats freely, snapping away with my camera but of course, with due attention for my own safety in the bus. 🙂

The upper deck is decorated in light blue colour, with lots of stars, and some outline images of landmark buildings of the world.  Any shades of blue is my favourite colour.  Oh, it’s so sweet!


Wall panel at the staircase area of the upper deck


Back of the seats with Hello Kitty, ….


My Melody &


Little Twin Stars characters


Ceiling of the bus



Staircase area


Half-way through the journey, I decided to go down to the lower-deck and continued with a few more shots.

Pink is used on the lower deck



Back door area



My Hello Kitty bus ride ended at Orchard area.  The journey took me about an hour and 10 minutes.  It was more than double the time I usually spend on taking the MRT.  Well, I don’t mind at all when I am not in a hurry, and when the bus is not crowded at all.  The cute Sanrio characters coupled with the sweet wall colours in the bus had enhanced the pleasantness of this bus ride.


I think such a concept bus can brighten the mood of the passengers. So perhaps transport operators in Singapore can consider rolling out more of such concept buses, and do something more in enhancing the rides of the commuters.


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